Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunrise Was a Bust

Flagler Beach, Florida

Well, we got up at 6ish to be out the door by about 7:20 to catch the sunrise.  It wasn’t looking good because it was raining!  We went anyway because the other day when it was drizzling a little, we got some nice photos and it turned out to be a very nice morning.

We weren’t so lucky this morning. It was pretty windy and the rain didn’t let up.  The ocean was ugly and of course no hint of the sun.


The die-hard fishermen were there though.  Notice the  red gale force wind warning flag?


We decided to hang around the campground today and do a few chores and a little laundry.  It was time to wash the blankets, and mattress pad, so we went over to the campground laundry mat. It’s much easier than trying to stuff the big things into our little machine.  Al had some caulking he needed to do around the shower, so he worked on that.

Yesterday, I got an email from a woman named Sharon.  She found my blog from Facebook.  I’m not real sure how, but she was wondering if we were staying in the same campground as they are.  It turned out we are, and that they are actually right behind us the next row over.  They have been staying in this area every winter for many years and are very familiar with the area.    We went over and visited with Sharon and Dick and their cute little dog Baby.  They are from New York.  Sharon is a kayaker and gave us some good info on where to go around here.  Rv’ers are such nice people!  We only had time for a short visit with them, but I’m sure we’ll get together with them again.

I also wanted to post some pictures of the campground we’re staying.   It’s called Bulow Rv Resort.  It’s one of the “Max Pass” campgrounds we have access to through our Thousand Trails membership.  Our two week stay here cost a whopping $42. 

The campground has been around awhile.   No concrete pads  (or very few) or paved roads.  There are a lot of sites which have only 3o amp and many without sewer.  What is  especially nice about it, is there are beautiful Live Oak trees all around.  It’s a gorgeous piece of property.  I’m not sure how much land is part of the campground, but it’s quite a lot.  It’s just so beautiful with all the Live Oaks all draped with Spanish Moss.

There are nice sandy roads that make wonderful hiking trails.  However, there is just one problem with that.  It seems they use these trails to dispose of all the “yard” waste from around the campground.  There are big piles of palm fronds and tree branches.  That was always a big problem around our Georgia house and we certainly understand how difficult it is to dispose of this stuff…but it sure made the beautiful trails look trashy.

Here is a view coming in. to the campground.  Last night we saw 6-7 deer cross the road. We’re going to watch for them tonight with camera in hand.


The old office building is in bad shape and in dire need of a new roof.  The first time I saw it, I thought it was decorated for Halloween. 

Bulow Plantation Rv Resort old office building

There is another newer office building. 

The sites are plenty large and easy to get into.  It’s definitely big rig friendly.

Bulow Plantation Rv Resort

Here is our campsite and the ‘big guy” parked nicely by himself.  The campground is starting to fill up and soon sites will be pretty hard to come by, I imagine.  I think a lot of people use it as a stopping off point for points further south, but obviously many people winter here.    It’s a great location and so much to do in the area.  It’s only a few miles from I-95.

Bulow Plantation Rv Resort site 302

Our view from our front window. We like seeing trees instead of rv’s.

Bulow Plantation Rv resort

Bulow Plantation Rv resort

Bulow Plantation Rv Resort

Some canals around the campground.

Bulow Plantation Rv Resort

The pool.

Bulow Plantation Rv Resort pool

The laundry room is nice, and cheap! 

Bulow Plantation Rv Resort  $1.25/1.00

What we like best about the campground, is the location.  We’re between Daytona Beach and St Augustine, and Jacksonville is right up the road.  Everything is convenient with the interstate right here.  Highway A1A gives you a beautiful beach drive to go north or south.  Flagler county doesn’t allow building on the beach so you can actually see water from the road!  It’s a nice change!

So as I sit here posting the blog, Al is in his recliner facing towards the front window.  He sees this woman in the field in front of us.  She is lining up about 6 golf balls and she proceeds to hit one….right towards our coach!   Al was so shocked he could barely speak.  He said she appeared to looking right at him when she hit the ball and was surprised it headed our way.  He  didn’t think she was going to hit any more balls, but I decided to go outside and make sure.  I picked up he ball she had just hit and it was only about 8-10 feet in front of our coach.  Yikes…she really did hit it close to us!   I picked it up and handed it to her.  She said,  “ I  think I need to go someplace else.”  I said, yeah, I think that’s a good idea!   We couldn’t believe she laid out six golf balls and was going to hit them right in our direction.  Did she not see us?    We are the only rv there.  She could have hit them the other direction and had 200 yards.   I don’t know what she was thinking but she appeared to be a bit surprised our coach was right there!  Thank goodness she didn’t hit us. 

Well, thanks to Rick and Paulette, we’re having lasagna for dinner tonight.  Rick posted a picture of a delicious lasagna dinner Paulette made the other night and I’ve been hungry for one ever since.  I hope it turns out good!  You never know with my cooking skills!


  1. Not sure I'd want to stay in a place with golf nuts about. :)

  2. I love being at the ocean when the wind is up. Looks like a nice campground, but it appears there may be people with more balls than brains:)

  3. Looks like a nice park, but I know what you mean about the woman hitting balls in your direction. I don't understand how people can be so brainless! Very worrisome! :(

  4. 1. the weather is trying to tell you to just sleep in one morning & enjoy the sounds of the rain hitting your roof while snooozing.

    2. If it rains a lot, can rigs get stuck there or start to sink? Great price though!

    3. Really!? Wow, hard to believe that she was hitting balls towards you! Wow. Good thing you went out there when you did.

    4. I laughed out loud over the lasagna!!! I too have been wanting it since I saw that picture on their blog!! haha! Hope it was yummy!

  5. We stayed at Bulow when we decided to purchase down here in St Augustine- Nice park. If you have the chance, try the Golden Lion restaurant at Flagler Beach, left turn at the intersection at A1A. It's our favorite place, and we meet there monthly with friends- and will be there tomorrow actually! Best fish tacos around! They have live entertainment also.
    Also- Daytona Beach Flea Market is interesting and has a big selection- Hope you won't be around Bulow for Race week or Bike Week, gets a little hairy... Have a nice visit!
    Jim Bob in St Augustine

  6. the weather is trying to tell you to just sleep in one morning & enjoy the sounds of the rain hitting your roof while snooozing.


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