Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby Squirrel

Lutz, Florida

We spent Saturday at home, cleaning.  Al got his truck washed and we started on the motor home.  We decided to just tackle the right side.  We washed it and put on some instant spray-on wax (Meguires)  to shine it up.  It looks pretty good, now we just need to get to the other 3 sides!

Later in the day, some movement outside caught my eye.  When I looked out, I saw a tiny baby squirrel laying on the ground.  There are lots of hawks around here, so he needed help.

baby squirrell

He didn’t even have his eyes open, and didn’t appear to have been injured.

Evidently he fell from the palm tree on our site.  An adult squirrel was around, but didn’t make any effort to try and retrieve him.  I didn’t know if a squirrel could carry their babies in their mouths like cats do.     The hawk was around, so we knew he’d be killed if we didn’t do something.  I do not believe in letting nature take its course….not if I can help it!   The nest was up too high for Al to try to put him back in the nest.  He would be much better off if his mother could raise him, but that wasn’t to be.  I called a local animal rescue and found an emergency veterinarian where we could drop him off. The wildlife rescue group will raise him and release him back into the wild.  Since I had no idea what to feed him, we took him there and made a small donation.  Hopefully he will lead a long and happy life.


***I was almost ready to post this blog, I got up to get some coffee, and took a quick look out the window..looking for another baby squirrel, ….and guess what?  Yep, another baby squirrel laying on the ground under the palm tree! 


We  heard another baby crying last night.  We are now thinking something must have happened to the mother, and he was getting hungry.

So, off we go again, back to the animal emergency center to drop off squirrel number 2. 


Today is the anniversary of the tragic day that our blogger friends  Bruce and Margie , were so tragically killed.  I still think of them often.  It was such a senseless and tragic loss.  They are still missed. Rick  posted a nice tribute to them in his blog today.  Rest in Peace Bruce, Margie, and Annie the Schnauzer.


  1. Those poor babies. So glad you were able to rescue them and get them to somebody who could help them. I agree - something must have happened to the mother. We sure do miss Margie and Bruce.

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  3. how great of you both to save not one but two baby squirrels from the cruelty of mother nature..
    We miss Bruce and Margie too..hard to believe a year has gone by.

  4. You save the squirrels, and I'll save the hawks. :)

  5. Oh how good of you to save those poor little squirrels. Yes, something must of happened to their mama. Squirrels are very close knit. I've seen the reactions of concerned mama's before & it's not pretty. They will attack anything that is in harm's way of their babies. And yes, they will carry them off like a cat does by the back of the neck.
    I didn't know Bruce & Margie, but I'll go read their link.

  6. Hard to believe it's been a year since Bruce and Margie's senseless death. I was shocked then. I'm still shocked. How sad for us and devistating for their family. We have all been deprived of many years with them. No price can be put on that loss.

  7. So glad you were able to rescue those baby squirrels!! They are so cute.
    We miss and think of Margie and Bruce often. What a sad day when we(the RVing/blogging world) lost those two good friends.

  8. Those squirrels were sure lucky to land on your site. Otherwise, I am sure they would have been a meal for other animal.

  9. Be glad mama squirrel wasn't around...they can be wild about something touching their in attack you.

    I do miss Margie!!!!

    Hugs Cindy and Walker

  10. I thought a great deal about them this weekend as we started our new adventure.

  11. Those little squirrels are so cute! It was nice that you took them to the rescue place - hopefully they will have a good life.

  12. I've never seen a baby squirrel before, they are so cute, just like any other baby animal. It was so caring of you to drop them off at the wildlife rescue center.

    Kevin and Ruth

  13. Nice of you to save those baby squirrels. I would have hated to see them taken by hawks too.

  14. I'd never seen a baby squirrel before, either. They are so cute, their heads are so big!

    You are real "good Samaritans" to take them both down to the rescue place. Not once, but twice. I believe in Karma, and you will receive blessings in return for your good deed. :)


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