Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Frogs and Beautiful Sunset

Crystal River, Florida

The weather cleared up and we ended up with a nice sunny, but humid day.

The following is a picture of a Red Tailed Shouldered Hawk that was sitting on the motor home next to us.  Cut the tip of his head off, but otherwise I liked the picture.


We made a short drive to Crystal River Archaeological State Park.  It’s a small day use park on the river.  The site was used by native people back as far as 440 ad.  There are large temple and midden mounds dating back to those early days.  The visitor center was closed yesterday so we didn’t get to go inside and learn about the area.  We just made a short walk around the grounds.  There were a few signs along the trail explaining the different mounds.  We would have gotten much more out of it if we had been able to go to the visitor center.

The mosquito’s were horrible, so we made it a short walk.




Apparently, I had some spots on my camera lens that I didn’t notice until I uploaded the photos.  Sorry about that.

The steps that led you up the mound had a nice handrail.  I walked up with my hand on the handrail.  On the way down, I happened to look down and notice this a few feet from my hand!  I almost fell down the stairs.


It’s a Florida Tree frog and there were a bunch of them at this park.  (another reason we didn’t stay too long.)

It was a pretty walk along the river.



They advertise they have access for all…and I guess they mean all.


We went to the bathroom and when I started to come out, Al was waiting by the door and he told me not to move or come out.  Evidently he noticed more tree frogs right by the door and he wanted to protect me from them.  My hero!  Unfortunately, I was halfway out by the time he told me so I just ran out.  I am terrified of frogs and he knows it.

He took a few pictures for me. 


They were all over the walls by the restrooms.


Between the frogs and mosquito’s we decided it was time to leave.

We took a drive north on highway 19.  There is a shop right along the highway that we’d been by a hundred times but never stopped at.  I was looking for a couple small wall hangings for the  motorhome.

Margie, you might want to go there if you need any Florida decorations!


It’s one of those tacky places that tourists love (and so did we.)




Lots of shells too.  They had some pretty things, but we  didn’t end up buying anything.

We decided to make one last trip to the beach for a sunset. 

We went to the same beach as the night before, but didn’t go out to the pier. 

Lots of birds hanging around on the beach, but soon they would be taking off for their overnight roosting spots.






















A nice full moon to guide us home.



Back to Tampa today…if we can ever get motivated to start packing!  We talked to Regina at the campground to see if anyone was coming into our site (in other words do we have to be out by 11am).  She said we could stay as long as we want!  If you ever go to Crystal Isles Rv Resort, talk to Regina.  She will take good care of you!  She’s one of those rare employees that goes the extra mile and makes you want to come back.


  1. So sorry about the frogs. Moths are my big fear. I deal pretty good with them outside but if one gets inside, I am a basket case until Jim gets rid of it for me. The mosquitoes were horrible when we were in FL in November. Nice that you don't have to rush today to get out of your site.

  2. ribbet ribbet!! the sunset photos and the one of the footprints and bird prints in the sand!

  3. I understand about the frogs...I feel the same way about those little lizards. I grew up in Daytona Beach and they were(naturally) everywhere. So as I grew up my brother would throw them on me and they would enter the windows and get in my room...YUK!! I am terrified of them to this day.
    Absolutely stunning sunsets!!

  4. Karen, Where about on 19 was that gift shop with the nautical wall hangings etc? I'd like to check it out when we get down there next month. Looks like they had some neat stuff.

  5. Great pictures today of the frogs and the sunset and the moon. Loved the one of the various footprints.

    It's interesting what folks are afraid of. I wonder if all those sorts of "neither frogs nor moths will ever actually hurt you" sort of fears come from something in childhood. Mine is bees and wasps especially around my head.

  6. Lots of great photos today - far too many good ones to even try to pick the best. Your header pic is great!

  7. Nice photos of the sunset and the moon. I never get tired of sunset pictures.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. It wasn't dirt on your lens causing the spots, you were taking pictures of ancient scared Indian grounds and captured some of their spirits in your photos.

  9. Great Hawk picture, I love watching them patiently waiting and then soaring up and diving on a rabbit or squirrel that you couldn't hope to see with the naked eye. Be safe out there.Sam & Donna....

  10. EEEwww, those frogs would have freaked me out! Love the sunset pictures. What was with all those seagulls???

  11. I almost fell off my chair laughing about the frogs - since I run away from them too!! They crawled (?) up the side of the motorhome at Wilson Lake in Iowa in early evening while we would sit outside. Made for some interesting evenings! Can't get enough of the sunsets either!

  12. Some great pictures there, I just hope that Hawk cleans up after himself before he takes off:)

  13. Those frogs look creepy. I see some dead ones on our roads. That Florida shop looked really neat. Those were great sunset photos. Baxter must be a riot - he'll turn into a cat one day - enjoy the kitten stage.


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