Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beverly Beach Camptown Rv Resort

Flagler Beach, Florida

No, our campground is not beach front.  We are in the “cheap seats” and about 7 miles from the beach. 

I’ll post some pictures of our campground in the next few days.  It’s nothing special, but the location is perfect for exploring this area.  We are north of Daytona  and south of Jacksonville.  There is a lot to do here and I’m sure we’ll be back very soon. 

We’re close enough to get to the beach and watch the sun rise over the Atlantic without having to get up earlier than normal!  That is until the time change!

We enjoyed watching the sun rise yesterday so much that we decided we’d try to do it every day. 

Every sunset and sunrise over the ocean is different.  Today, the clouds formed right down to the ocean and you could not see the big orange ball coming up over the water. 


You could see the sun once it rose over the cloud layer.


The surfers and fishermen were already there by the time we arrived.


The man that runs the pier told us he opens at 6 am and the fishermen are lined up waiting for him.  There is no fishing license required on the pier.  It cost $1.50 to walk on and I think it said $3.00 to fish.





It’s truly a magical time of the day. 



Notice the shrimper in the background?


As the sun rose,  we noticed something coming up the beach.


Can you see it?


There it is.


It’s an ultra lite “trike”IMG_6484l

How cool would it be to be up there flying along the coast as the sun was rising?


We noticed there are two people in it. 

Hummmm…maybe they take people up with them?  I did a quick Google search and found a local airport where I think they have instructors.  We may check them out and see if we can fly with them.  Of course that is if they aren’t too expensive.  I could really get some great pictures from that vantage point, couldn’t I?

Al and I almost bought a similar ultra-lite powered parachute, a few years ago.  We finally decided it wasn’t in the budget.  At least Al did, I didn’t care…I really wanted one.   You can see who won that battle, can’t you?


On our exploration drive yesterday,we discovered two beach front campgrounds nearby.  One is a state park.  I’ll post pictures of that one in the next day or two.  It was pretty nice, but the sites were a bit short and not suited well for a big rig. 

The one we really like is called Beverly Beach Camptown Rv Resort.  This place is wonderful! 

The sites are plenty long enough and pretty wide considering you have oceanfront camping.  There is no  privacy between sites but who cares!


It’s in Beverly Beach, which is 20 miles south of St Augustine and 20 miles north of Daytona Beach.  It’s the perfect location for anyone coming either to race week or bike week.

Map picture

Their rates are always pretty high, but they are even higher during race or bike week.  You can expect to pay $130 per night!   I imagine they are completely booked during those weeks.


Most motorhomes park facing in because you want that beautiful view from your front window.  It was a bit cloudy when we took these pictures.  I’ll take more on a sunnier day.



The hookups pedestals are between 2 sites, and closest to the ocean.  They are situated perfectly if you back up, but not so much if you pull in forward.

If you are to the right of the pedestal, you are the closest to your hook-ups if you pull in forward.  Plan on bringing extra hoses and power cords.  The sites are full hook-ups…sewer included and they offer free wifi.  Satellite would be no problem.

There is no pool, shuffleboard or horseshoes, like most Florida snowbird campgrounds.


There are ocean front (OF) sites for $75 a night ($85  Feb thru April) and excluding bike, race or holiday weeks.



The restrooms were nice and clean.


There are ocean view (OV) sites for between $60 to 80 per night.  They are on the opposite of the campground road.


Of course your “ocean view” may be obstructed if a big rig is parked between you and the view!

There are also tent sites for $40 in a separate tent area…not ocean front.

Their monthly rates are between $1300 and $1400 for ocean front sites. 

There is also another section of the campground on the other side of the highway called Campers Village.  The rates are between $50 and $65 a night.  We didn’t even bother going there.  In our opinion if you’re going to pay that much you need to be ocean front.

It really is a very nice beach campground, and the nicest we’ve seen.  The main road is plenty wide enough to maneuver a large rig and the sites have million dollar (literally) views.  This ocean front property sells for millions for even a small lot!

We would sure like to stay on the beach a few days before we head back to Tampa.  The budget can’t take more than that though!  It will depend on the weather and how much money we spend while we’re here.   I would not want to stay there in the winter months.  That wind blowing off the ocean can be very strong and cold.  We nearly froze walking on the beach in Vero Beach last spring. 

We are going to hang around home today and maybe even try to wash the coach.  We didn’t get all the gunk off the roof and it made a mess down the side that we just cleaned!   Our neighbors left this morning, so we have  plenty of room.


  1. Looks like a beautiful campground with views but definitely not in our price range.

  2. Oceanfront sites in Acapulco are $19.50 a night.

    Just sayin'.

  3. Kevin and Ruth
    Now, you're just rubbing it in!

  4. Yep. Sorry. :-) Have I mentioned how much we love RV'ing in Mexico?

    In four years of full timing, the most we have ever paid for a campsite was $35.00. That was somewhere in Nova Scotia.

  5. Beautiful photos! Take a look at my blog from 10/25 Karen. Check out the parahawking video on it. Wow, it's pretty amazing stuff!
    Remember your amazing post? Well, this falls right into that category.

  6. That is what I would call devoted to the sun:) Not sure I would want to be that close to the salt water for a long period. Corrosion is going to be a real problem.

  7. beautiful views from the campsites but the price?.. a tad high for us too!!

  8. The dock side sites at Moss Landing were $75 a night. I almost choked because I didn't ask how much before I booked. But the plan was made. I never told Craig how much it cost! I will be more careful in the future, but it seems all of the KOAs are expensive.

  9. The state park with sites overlooking the beach you mentioned...was that Gamble Rogers? I've heard it's a wonderful place to camp, and I can't imagine RVing it would be too different.

    If you make it to Orange City, there are some manatees in Blue Spring State Park. Not hundreds like freezing winter, but six or seven.

  10. Those are beautiful sites for sure even if they are a bit pricey. I guess NASCAR fans will pay that though.

  11. LOVE the ocean pictures, but not as much as I love the ocean. I could sit right there and corrode for all I care. The rig is a different matter.


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