Sunday, October 09, 2011

Rain, Rain, Rain

Crystal River, Fl  

It rained a little yesterday, but it appears that it will rain most of the day today.  There is some sort of tropical formation trying to form,  and it’s bringing lots of rain.  Rain is okay as long as we don’t get a hurricane or tropical storm.  So far it’s light rain and no lightning or wind.

Al has football and I’ll find a movie or read a book.  I just started to read the book about the little boy who “died” and remembered going to Heaven and talking to Jesus.  It’s pretty good so far.  The name of it is Heaven is for Real.

Yesterday we went to Target and bought a new comforter for the bed,  and a Bissell Quicksteamer Carpet Cleaner.  The cleaner is small and lightweight. It was only $89, although I saw it online for $79. 

It’s a smaller and lighter than some we looked at.  I wanted something small enough to be maneuverable and that would fit in the closet.   It will go into the storage shed when we get back to Tampa. 

We didn’t intend to keep any carpet in our motorhome and planned to have it replaced first thing.  When we found this motor home, since it doesn’t have too much carpet, we decided we could deal with it for a little while.  It actually hasn’t been as bad as I thought.   The entire center section of the kitchen and bathroom area are ceramic tile, but the entrance, living and bedroom room is a beige carpet.   We  started out trying to take our shoes off every time, but that didn’t last too long. 

We will be getting  new flooring sometime  in the future, but since the carpet is in good shape, we’ll manage as long as we can.  It does have some benefits.  It’s warmer on the feet and when Baxter jumps around he has a softer surface to land on.

I  gave the new cleaner a try last night and it did a  good job.  I did the living room with just hot water and no cleaning solution.    I am leery about using chemicals with the cats and especially with a young kitten, plus Al is also sensitive to chemicals.  It sucked the water up very well and with a fan blowing, it dried in 2-3 hours.  I like the machine.  It did a good job.  We figured it would be cheaper than renting one, and we wouldn’t have a machine with other peoples dirt on it.

The shampooer was a keeper, but unfortunately our new comforter/coverlet we bought at Target is not.  It looked pretty in the store and it was a brick color.  When we put it on the bed, it looked more pink.  It will go back.   That’s comforter number 2 that hasn’t worked!  I want a light weight coverlet style.  There are a lot of them out there, but too many are not kitty friendly, or are the wrong colors.  I’ll keep looking!

Well today the campground should empty out again.  All the week-end warriors will pack up and leave and it’ll be the way we like it!  There were about 50 rv’s in for the rally this week-end, so it was busier than normal week-ends.

No current pictures, but here is one from a wonderful kayaking trip years ago.




  1. It is pouring here too.... good day for doing nothing!!! Carpet cleaner sounds really nice ~ we are lucky enough to be able to borrow our daughters. Hope you have a great relaxing day!

  2. 2nd day in a row of nothing but rain here in Lake County, FL.

    I know the frustrations of finding just the right coverall for the bed! You might want to try Old Time Pottery, that's where I got mine and on sale - king size $35 each. Ours have to be dog friendly!

  3. enjoy the day! matter what you do..have you looked at know quite a few rv'ers shop there!!

  4. Thanks for the tip about the carpet cleaner. Glad to know it's working on beige carpet which is what we have. Seems like most folks want tile or wood but I like the warm on my feet.

  5. The only really UGLY thing in the Alfa is the carpet. 1/2 of the floor is ceramic tile , from entry, along kitchen sink and thru the bathroom. The slide and the part of the floor where the slide runs, along the wardrobe hall and bedroom is a horrible grey-beige-dirt color carpet. I can see it's original color in some untouchable places and it is not much different than what is showing.

    I have been thinking about getting a long runner that is designed to be on stairs and rolling it out along the edge of the where the slide has extended, but then I think it would be one more thing to do and undo when moving. New carpet isn't in the budget, and if it were I would still want a very light color.

    We are also not "shoes off" people. But I did put a mat down by the steps that will go with us, and a washable throw rug between the front seats for whipping our feet on when we come in. I also got throw rugs for in front of the sink and in the bathroom. They are all light colored and machine washable.

  6. I always keep my shoes off, or my slippers on at home. Not to keep the carpet clean, I just think it's more comfortable. Target has a good selection of bedding, it changes all the time, so keep looking. That's where I found my black and white toile bedding for my condo that I LOVED. I wish it would have worked in The Palms.
    Beautiful photo, nice colors!

  7. Yep, it's going to be that way with us for a few days. it's raining right now but not too hard. Hopefully it won't be as bad as they say it will be.

    Nice time to just sit back and do some reading.

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. It's been rainy here all day as well. We can sure use the rain so I won't complain.
    Good luck on finding the "just right" comforter. You'll know it when you put it on the bed!! I like the lightweight ones myself....especially in the MH!!

  9. Oh the trials of finding the right comforter! I usually buy at least 2 before I get the right one. I bought a new one at Beall's - $40 for a King - probably won't last long. Found King sheets at Ross for $18 made by Waverly - they should be good. The carpet cleaner sounds like a good idea.


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