Monday, October 24, 2011

Florida/Georgia Border

Jennings, Florida

You an tell we traveled north.  It was 47 degrees this morning, but it’s warming up nicely already.

We left Tampa about 9:30 yesterday and traveled about 200 miles north on I-75.  We are just south of the Florida/Georgia border.  It was longer than we normally travel, but an easy trip since it was most all interstate driving.  No, I didn’t drive.  I had good intentions, but wanted to get north of the traffic in Ocala.  At that point, there was no other rest area before we arrived at the campground.    Also, Al wanted to hurry and get here so that he could watch the Bucs game.  When we leave here, we’ll be on the interstate again, so I’ll give it another try.  You can tell I’m not extremely eager to drive this big thing!

We’re staying at Jennings Outdoor Rv Resort.  The word “resort” is a stretch.     The website made it sound pretty nice, but we’ve learned another good lesson.  If the campground is right off the interstate in the state of Florida, it’s probably just a one night stopping off point for the snowbirds, and don’t expect much. 

All the sites are pull through...easy in-easy out, and we got good satellite reception.  The sites are  paved, but pretty close together.    We chose a site away from anyone else, but before long the lady in charge brought us neighbors on both sides! 

Once we collect  some stuff from our storage shed, we’ll be out of here.   The bad news is that we were out of the Tampa area far enough we could no longer get Tampa stations and the Tampa Bay Bucs football game was not showing here.  Uh oh….it was all my fault.  Smile You ladies know how that goes!

After we leave here we plan to head southeast over to the Atlantic coast of Florida to the Flagler Beach area.  We have another Thousand Trails park there, so we can stay for $3.00 a night.  Can’t beat that price.


  1. Glad it's warming up. 47 is a little cool. Looking forward to hearing about your driving. Is Al a bossy co-pilot?

  2. I never felt comfortable driving our MH. I was so stressed I didn't enjoy any part of it.
    $3 a night is a really really good price. :-)

  3. We've stayed at Jennings Outdoor Resort before. You nailed it-overnite stop only. It is also close to I-75 to hear road noise. I remember the place because they kept cats in cages in the laundry room. Strange. Interested to hear where in Flagler you're going. We stayed at Beverly Beach Camptown right on the Atlantic several times. Have fun-be safe.

  4. I think it isn't just Florida. Most parks right off the interstate are really just that, overnight interstate stops.

    I definitely need to check into this $3 a night camping deal. Wonder if they will have it again at the Tampa RV show?


  5. Oopseys on missing the game! But had you driven, that would have been your fault too ;-)
    I've seen campgrounds that look really great on websites, then googled earthed them, did the road views & well, they weren't quite what they were like on their webpages. It's like pizza! Pizza never looks like the yummy photos in their ads!!

  6. I have stayed in an abundance of those overnight stops on my way to Louisiana. It's about all they're good for.

  7. I wonder if they have that Thousand Trails in the West... I think I might have to look into it. RV parks are so expensive out here.

  8. Look forward to hearing about the TT park. What is the name of it?


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