Friday, October 21, 2011

Baxter Grown up?

Lutz, Florida

We’re trying to wrap things up here so that we can get out of town this week-end.  We spent some time yesterday at the rental house inspecting the maid’s work.   She did okay, but needs to come back and work on the kitchen floor and do a few other touch-ups.  Al was a bit upset with the painter.  They don’t paint like you would paint your own house.  We’re making them come back and re-do a few things.  You get what you pay for.  The new refrigerator and stove will be delivered today.  Al will have to install the new range hood. The carpet cleaners should be there by Monday.

We’re meeting the prospective tenant at the house today.  She seems to want the house.  Hopefully, she will fill out the paperwork and her credit will check out. 

After reading yesterday’s blog about Baxter, Jim and Cathy sent me this picture of another Maine Coon cat.  They can get quite large! 

He’s quite big, but isn’t he cute?


I almost choked when I first saw this picture.  If Baxter gets this big, we’re all in trouble! 

I did a search on the internet for pictures of other large cats and came across an interesting “cat house.”  I thought it would be something fun for Mr. Bax.  It would be something temporary that we could make and then toss in a few days.  I think it would be something fun for him.  I think he’d love going through the tube to the other house.  It could be scaled down a little bit.

Looks fun, huh?

IMG_4898 Cardboard cat house


Our weather was lovely yesterday.  It never got out of the 70’s, and was sunny and clear all day.  A gorgeous day and more to come. This is my idea of perfect weather.

We are really appreciating the heat pump we have in this motor home.  We only had a propane furnace on the other one and it was pretty expensive to run.  We should be able to save quite a bit of money this winter by using the heat pump vs. propane.

We also love our electric water heater.  Another thing we didn’t have on the old motor home.  

It just occurred to me….do we have a regular furnace?  Where do you turn it on?  Uh, oh……


Okay.  Yes we do have a propane furnace.  I found it.   I assumed we did since a heat pump won’t work below 30 degrees, but I don’t think we ever checked it out and didn’t even know where to turn it on.  We found it!  Hope it works.  I guess we’d better give it a try one of these days soon.

We’re still trying to decide where to go when we leave here.  All we know for sure is we need to go back towards Georgia to get some things from our storage shed.  There are no nice campgrounds near our old house, so we may just go as far as north Florida with the motorhome.    We may stay at Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center State Park, or go a little further north and stay right near the Florida/Georgia border.  There is a campground  that looks pretty nice.

Ideally we would like to not have a second storage shed in Georgia, or any storage shed.   However, with all of our toys (kayaks and scuba gear), and Al’s pest control stuff, we really need a storage building to keep things we’re not using at the moment.  We’re hoping to be able to donate and toss a lot of stuff from the Georgia shed and get it whittled down some.  I don’t think we’ll be able to empty it though. 

Before we closed on the house, towards the end, we were getting very tired and very rushed.  We either gave it away or stuffed it into the shed.  We had all the garage sales we had time for, and we just had to get the garage and out-buildings cleaned out.  A lot was given away but a lot went to the shed.  Now we’ll have to deal with it.  Most of the last minute stuff was Al’s treasures!  Yes…I’m blaming him!

It’ll be interesting to see what we actually have in the shed. I’m sure we’ve forgotten about a lot of it!


  1. That is one humongous cat. Kind of scary to think Baxter might get that big. After a year on the road, we cleaned out our storage shed and we were able to part with almost all of it. Amazing the difference a year makes.

  2. A few days ago, I pulled some of my jeans and sweatshirts out from under the MH bed. It made me realize that I don't need as many clothes as I thought I did. I will probably donate some in a few months.

  3. That cat is HUGE. But so cute. I hope Baxter doesn't get THAT big!

    Getting rid of stuff is probably easier as time goes on. I didn't bring much with me, but I still don't use most of what I have on board. I think after a year, and living in different landscapes and temperatures, it'll be easier to see what I don't need.

    I WAS glad, though, to have brought my hooded wool jacket when we were in cold weather in Idaho. It was under the couch, but I pulled out all the winter stuff, and was glad I had it.

  4. That is one big kitty! Can you imagine all the cat hair he must shed. I miss having pets, but not their shedding.

  5. Now that is a HUGE cat but boy is it gorgeous. I'd love to see Baxter that size. He'd be bigger than a lot of dogs. GO BAX!!

    I kept a lot of things that after a year I found I hadn't used and couldn't imagine needing now. You just don't know until you are off and gone for a long time.

  6. That was an interesting post, but I am like some of the other commenters- I cannot get over the size of that cat. I am not sure I would like to be around when it got really hungry:)

  7. That cat should be able to bark!
    ;-) he looks like my Tribbles, but Tribbles is NOT that big! Wowzers.
    Will you come help clear out my storage shed too? Ugh, have sooo much stuff in there that needs to be sorted through. It's easier to ignore it than deal with it.

  8. go Baxter! that shot of the full grown Maine Coon!..beautiful!..not that I don't love our boy Oliver..a Maine Coon is an amazing looking cat!!


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