Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cool Weather Returns

Lutz, Florida

The cold front arrived last night and it was 57 degrees when we woke up this morning. Smile   This is the weather Floridians wait for all year.  When we lived here, October marked the beginning of our  camping season. 

The lady at the office of the rv park is a cat lover, so I brought Baxter in to meet her.   She told me he is a Main Coon cat and looked just like her cat Wolfie.

I got to meet Wolfie  yesterday, and I had to agree….Baxter looks just like her cat, down to the huge feet and fluffy coat.  I did a little research on the breed and they are called the “gentle giant.”  Baxter is definitely not  gentle,  in fact  “mean as hell”  is a much more accurate description!

He loves to attack anything that moves and he bites!   That’s normal kitten play behavior and we’re working on correcting the biting.    He gets lots of  “time-outs”, water sprays and smacks on the butt!  The article said male Maine Coon’s can get up to 25 pounds (oh Lord) and they don’t quit growing until they are 3-4 years old.  It also said they love to eat and we’ve already noticed that with Baxter.

I was playing photographer yesterday and took some more Baxter baby pictures.

He was sleepy so he posed for me. 



Baxter close-up

I took a picture when we first got him with him laying by my shoe.  See how much he’s grown?  The first picture was when he was about 7-8 weeks old.

kitten with shoe

and look at him now.

Baxter with shoe

I hate that he’s growing up!

Baxter and shoe

Big yawn.

Baxter yawning


We’re trying to get finished up here in Tampa this week so that we can head north.  We’re getting anxious!

We are still dealing with getting the rental house ready for new tenants.  We have a new refrigerator and stove being delivered tomorrow, so I’ll have to be there. The interior has been completely re-painted, and they only charged $890.  We felt that was a pretty good price. It would have taken us a hundred years to get it all painted.

We’re having the same company paint the exterior of the house.  It needed it and he’s giving us a fair price.  He is going to  pressure wash the house, and both screen porches, the drive-way and sidewalks, clean the gutters, fix a bad piece of fascia board,and put two coats of paint on the house for $1200.  We felt that was a pretty good price, so we have that scheduled for next week.  This guy works for our property management company, so we trust he will do a good job.  We would like to be here to watch them, but we’re  going to just have to trust him, and of course follow up when we get back.

The maid cleaned yesterday.  When Al went by, he said it appeared she was doing a good job.  The carpet cleaners are coming tomorrow and then we should be good to go.  I think we have a new tenant lined up as well…she just needs to pass the credit and background check.   She is a friend of a friend, so we don’t anticipate any issues there.  We’re still going to do the credit check though.  We’ve spent a lot of money this month, but it was things that needed to be done.  We didn’t want to do all the painting ourselves.  By the time we would have gotten it all done, we would have lost that much in rent.

So hopefully, we’ll be able to get out of town this week-end! 


  1. Wow, is Baxter ever growing, he is so sweet looking. One of the cats here, had kittens last Saturday but we haven't been able to find them yet. She has really hidden them well. Lots of work on the rental, sure will be all nice and new looking of the new tennant.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. oh yes..the Maine Coon..that was our second choice when we were looking for a kitten..they are the gentle giant!!..Baxter is so cute!!..
    Our boy Oliver is a ragdoll..also a large him to bits!!!

  3. Maybe a gentle giant when he grows up? And then you will have this wonderful, sweet kitty to just love. I would have hired all that painting work done also. Glad it's almost ready to go and you'll be done with it for a few years again. He may be the cat from Hell but he's so darn cute.

  4. Boy Baxter is really growing and what a cutie he is!!
    Sounds like you have the house in great shape for the next tenant.

  5. Wozza Now I know what breed are female was we had for 15 years. She was the best mama cat and she was a cuddler when she got older.

    Your little one is adorable...I love you are documenting his growth.

    Hugs Cindy

  6. Baxter is a cutie. My son's fiance has a Maine Coon cat and he is a wonderful cat but does have lots of hair. They get this really cool tail that looks like a coon's tail.

  7. Baxter is gorgeous especially that first picture.

    $1200 to paint the entire outside of your house and do all that work sounds fabulous to me. Outside house painting estimates on our house were never that small by half.

  8. Baxter is just beautiful. He has such pretty stripes. I hope he calms down soon, though, he sounds like quite a handful.

  9. Yep, baby Baxter looks like a Maine Coon...and he will be big and beautiful.]

    Our painter charged $1675 and that included the paint and he painted everything, ceilings, walls, closets, doors, trim, etc. I think you got a good deal. $1200 for exterior - great deal.

    Nice cool weather here too.


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