Saturday, October 01, 2011

Cold Front….brrrr

Crystal River Florida

The first cold front of the season has arrived and it feels wonderful!

It’s 62 degrees this morning and is only going to get into the upper 70’s today.  We turned the a/c  off last  night,  the Fantastic vent on with it set to draw air out.  If you then open just one window, you get a tremendous breeze coming in that window.  We had a wonderful breeze blowing in last night, but this morning it was a little chilly!

The cool air revved Baxter up (like he needed an excuse), but this morning he was chilly and wanted to cuddle.  SmileThat was a treat because he is normally not much of a cuddler.

We are staying at Crystal Isles Rv Resort.  It’s one of our Max Pass Thousand Trails parks.   We had to pay a whopping $24 for our two week stay!  Our first 30 days on the membership was free, now we have to pay $3.00 a night.  That’s free in my book!

The  sites are full hook-up, water, sewer, 50 amp electric and our satellite works!

The campground is somewhere near where I have the push pin.  You can see there is lots of water around us.  The Crystal River is a spring fed river that flows right out into the Gulf Of Mexico.  We are 5 miles to the gulf, so plan on seeing lots of sunset photos!

Map picture
Map picture

We are staying at site number 17.  It’s an upgraded site that normally we wouldn’t get with our Thousand Trails membership.   A very nice lady at the campground named Regina, said they like to upgrade if possible!  She couldn’t have been nicer.

We chose a site that’s on a canal leading to the river.  Each canal site has it’s own private floating dock.  Our site is pretty large with big back yard.  We have a nice Phaeton on one side and  no one on the other side. 




The canal leads out to Crystal River and then to the Gulf of Mexico.  In the winter this canal would be full of Manatee.  We can launch our kayaks right from our back yard!


Lots of wildlife.





There is a basketball court, tennis court, volleyball, shuffleboard (of course), as well as a nice pool and hot tub, a boat launch, and a few cabins.





Our site is a large and fully paved.  There are a few inside sites that are sandy and some are muddy due to recent rains.  There are lots of trees, so that would be a consideration on larger rigs.  There are a lot of rv’s that stay here and the owners come on the week-ends.  There is a lot to do around this area and the canals are deepwater so larger boats are tied up along the docks. 

There is a lot to do in this area and we’ll have plenty to keep us bus.

Today we intend to use our free tickets to Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.  Lost of pictures coming!

And one more cute kitten picture. "SmileHe looks like a little angel here, doesn’t he?  Don’t let the picture fool you!



  1. The upper 70's is really great weather so enjoy and I hope it lasts for you. Looks like a wonderful park. And your "wildlife" just doesn't have time to cuddle with all the new worlds to explore. Such a cutie pie.

  2. Great looking RV park, makes me want to look into the Thousand Trails membership once we have the RV. Thanks for the pics from Lazy Days, they are quite a help along with your insights on the interior decor... :)

    Don and Cheryl

  3. enjoy your stay..looks like a nice park and at a great price!! as for Baxter?..he is so cute!!..'a devil in sheep's clothing though?'..they are only little for a short time..eventually he will slow down!! :)..we call our 'boys' the 'devil children'..the two of the them are asleep on our bed at the cute together!!

  4. You're in our winter home area now in Crystal River. We winter in Rock Crusher Canyon RV Park. Have fun in the area-lots of nice places to visit and eat! We'll be following you.

  5. I take it you would recommend the Thousand Trails pass you bought. I'm going to look into it if they offer them this year at the Tampa show. This park looks good and the price is really great. What a site you have! And what a darling kitten he is devil or no.


  6. Great grasshopper pictures, but can not feel sorry about the weather. Here outside Toledo OH the forecast low for tonight is 37:(

  7. Your digs for the month looking pretty good!! And those 60-70 degree days can be enjoyable for sure. We were down to 33 last night in the northwoods, so enjoy your 60s! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  8. Your digs for the month looking pretty good!! And those 60-70 degree days can be enjoyable for sure. We were down to 33 last night in the northwoods, so enjoy your 60s! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. It really felt like Fall around here so we were able to do some work around the house and not suffer from heat stroke. Enjoy the next couple days of coolness.

  10. The weather here has been just beautiful today...tonight it will get into the 40s. Love it, love it!!
    Your campground is terrific. I am very impressed with Thousand Trails. You guys enjoy your time in this area...its a good one!!

  11. What a great looking park, sure a nice spot to spend a bit of time this winter.

  12. Baxter is just such a cutie. When you were asking for suggestions for names for him, I was going to suggest Diablo (spanish for devil) because he looks like a little devil and so full of spiri but I didn't have time or internet to do it. Love the name Baxter though. You will have to keep your eyes on him or I might come by and snatch him up, he looks so cuddily.

    Kevin and Ruth


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