Friday, September 30, 2011

Poor Baxter

Crystal River,  Florida   - Crystal Isles Rv Resort

This morning around 6 am, Baxter was laying next to me being calm (rare) and sweet.  I was getting some loving from him when all of a sudden I heard a horrible cat fight going on.  Al and I flew out of bed stumbling to try to find a light.  Two kitties were up front by the drivers floor with a lot of yowling going on.  It sounded like someone was getting hurt.

I noticed Baxter was behind the drivers seat checking out the action.  We got the fight broken up and were checking to see if anybody was bleeding.  We didn’t see any blood, but when we went to look for Baxter we couldn’t find him.

We looked and looked and I was getting worried.  I didn’t think he was involved in the cat fight but since we couldn’t find him, we were starting to panic.

We’ve had cats long enough to know they can find the smallest and most unusual places to hide and we had the motorhome cat proofed before he arrived and once Baxter arrived we “kitten proofed”  it.      We thought.

Finally after 10-15 minutes I heard a noise and saw a paw sticking out from under a drawer by Al’s side of the bed.  No way he could have gotten in there at that spot.   We looked and looked for a hole large enough for a small kitten.  There didn’t seem to be any place for him to get out.  Al finally found a small opening beside my side of the bed and we coaxed him over to that side.  He wouldn’t come out though.  The poor little guy was terrified from all the commotion. I got out my best choices of roast beef, grouper and kitten food. He grabbed at the food with his paw, but wouldn’t come out….the little stinker!  We worked on him for another few minutes before Al finally coaxed him out.  We immediately stuffed towels into the opening.   He was still very afraid and didn’t want to come out of his safe spot.

The following picture is shows the tiny hole he got into. 


He is still scared to death, so we  put him in his little kitty condo to calm down. We don’t think he was involved in the fight and he doesn’t appear to be hurt, but he’s still scared. 

Our cats normally get along fine, but once in a while there is a tiff.  This one was worse than normal.   So far I don’t see any wounds or blood.  Most of the time the noise is much worse than the actual fight.

We arrived at our new campground yesterday afternoon.

It was a beautiful sunny day and a good day to travel.


We settled into our very nice upgraded site on the water.  There is a lot to do up here and we’re anxiously waiting the first cold front of the season! 

It’s supposed to get down to 62 degrees tonight and Saturday only get up to 78!  Boy does that sound nice!

More later.


  1. poor little Baxter..hope his day is better!!

  2. poor baby. Glad you finally got him out.

  3. Sure hope Baxter gets over his frightening experience soon. Not a great way to start the day!!

  4. When I brought one of my kittens home, my dogs rushed into the garage just as I was getting out of the car. The Kitten wasn't in a carrier and he slipped out of my hands like greased lightening.

    I thought he was lost and looked for him for two days. At the end of the second day, my friend who had rescued him from the wild came over and sat in the garage calling and talking to him. After a while we heard a soft meow. He was jammed behind a large set of shelves. Once we located him it was not easy, but we did get him out.

    I relate to your story. They can get into such small places!

  5. Poor Baxter. But I don't blame him, cat fights scare me to death too.

    Crystal River is a great area. We had a hard time finding any place nice to stay so I'm interested in what you have to say about your campground.


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