Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Lutz, Florida

Boy, is this baby kitten wearing me out!  We haven’t had a kitten for 14 years.  I had forgotten how energetic they are,  how much trouble they can get into,  how fragile they are,  and how fast you can fall in love with them.


Little “no name”  is so small, but he’s starting to climb like he’s a big boy.  I have to constantly worry that he isn’t up somewhere high, where he can fall off and get hurt. He gets into everything.


I have soup cans under my rocker/recliner to keep it from rocking and injuring him.  He likes to get under the chair, and any movement from us would squash him.   We have been avoiding that chair as much as possible for fear of hurting him.

We had a pretty quiet week-end.  On Saturday, we did a little laptop shopping.  Best Buy will look at my laptop for $180….just to look at it!  If any parts are needed, they would be extra.

So far my laptop monitor is still working, but I know it’s just a matter of time.

Sunday was football  day for Al.  He was happy that the Tampa Bay Bucs won. I’m not a football fan so I stayed out of his way and watched movies in the bedroom.

Monday night before bed we took a walk and then decided to go sit in the hot tub for a while.  It sure felt nice!  We were going to do it again last night, but there was some pretty ugly lightning in the sky.  Tampa is the lightning capitol of the world!

We leave here on Wednesday for Lazy Days, but haven’t decided yet on where our next stop is.  I’m still hesitant on making firm decisions because they always get messed up.  Al is still voting to go back to Vero Beach.  I think we have ruled the Florida Keys out for now.  The nice thing about being full-timers is that we can go where the weather is the best!

The picture below is another one of the little trouble maker. I can’t leave a cord around for fear of him wrapping it around his neck, or chewing on it.  I think his name might be “Fuzz Butt.”  It was one of the first things we started calling him and it seems to be sticking.  Fuzzy for short.  It fits, doesn’t it?


We’ve been going through all of our owners manuals on the motorhome  (again), trying to sort through all the things that need regular maintenance.  Boy, is there a lot on a diesel pusher!  We’re just learning about air brakes, air bags, ride height, slack adjusters, air canister, s-cams…..whew! 

What do you all do,  or have done regularly?  Of course we know about tire pressure, oil and air filters, but what about all the other stuff?  Have any of you replaced your original shocks?  Just how many are there?   Have you checked and adjusted your ride height? 

We just learned something on our refrigerator.  First, thing is we’re not big fans of Norcold.  Our Dometic in the other motorhome ran just fine.  Of course it was a much smaller unit, so I guess there was less to cool.

Lazy Days put in a brand new Norcold in our motor home and it’s been running fine….until we got back to Tampa.  We defrosted it thinking that was causing the problem.  We’ve kept our thermometer in the unit and have had temps in the 40’s.  Before we had low 30’s.  After we defrosted it, it seemed to take forever to cool back down, but we’re still in the low 40’s.  We decided to put it on LP and see if that helped, but it wouldn’t light on LP.  I finally read the Monaco manual (the Norcold manual didn’t tell me this).  It said if it didn’t light on LP, to turn the unit off and then on and try again.  I did that and the first time it light right up.  Before we just kept hitting the LP mode.  I don’t know if turning off the power resets something, but it appears to be running on LP now.  We’ll see if it cools any better.  Margie calls them , Notcolds!   I think she might be right!  Of course we are parked right out in the sun and it’s been in the 90’s every day.  The refrigerator side gets full afternoon sun.


  1. Hi, sorry to read about your fridge problems. I read somewhere that Norcold is have some recalls on their fridges. Maybe you should check the website to see if yours is on the list?

    We are going to be heading to Lazy Days in November to make our purchase. Still deciding on how we are going to get there, fly or drive. Anyway, we sure could use any pointers and advice on dealing with Lazy Days :)

    Don and Cheryl Catoe

  2. I think Trouble might be a good name for your little bit. He sure is a cutie though. All that fur sticking out everywhere. We have a Dometic so I really don't have a clue about your fridge. Hopefully somebody will jump in with ideas on their diesel pusher.

  3. Yes, be careful with the kitten under the recliner. We have a friend that lost one that way. He sure is a cutie!

  4. Sure sounds like you've got a real live one there with no name!

  5. Fuzzy is a great name for him... but I like Ozzie too. As far as the fridge goes it sound almost normal to me... mine is at 42' and stays there. We have it set on the highest coolong temp but that is because it is summer ~ during the winter I run it on 6-7. I still sat run it on auto! I have been doing that for 6 years and it seems to work.
    Have fun

  6. Fuzzy....I like it!! He sure is adorable and I bet he does keep you busy. Just like a small child....lots of energy.

  7. Delightful little kitty! I love kittens. It's a shame the grow up so fast.

  8. The kitty is adorable. I like the name Fuzz Butt (Fuzzy for short) Have fun with him.

  9. Yup.. he looks like a Fuzz Butt... LOL toooo cute!

    We added a 2 muffin fan device inside our fridge and we don't even get much icing up any more on the fins. If you want the link to where we bought it on Ebay, email me at pfundt@gmail.com and I will send it to you....

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  10. Fuzzy is good. But it sounds like perhaps you should call him trouble. :-) He's sure cute!

    Hot tub sounds very FINE!

  11. Little "no name" sure is adorable. What I love about kittens is their joy in the simple things in life. They can find fun just about anywhere. Enjoy!

  12. Laptop?
    I wouldn't let Best Buy touch my computer! I did buy my Toshiba there and I love it -their customer service leaves everything to be desired. Both times I've had problems, I called them, got crap for help and figured it out myself - saved over $500 in the process.

  13. I don't know - I'm still pushing for "Nutz." And, BTW, OW again.

    We soaped up our cords all through the Duck to keep Tucker from chewing. Good Luck, Tuck!


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