Friday, September 02, 2011

Moving Day

Vero Beach, Florida   -  Sunshine Travel Rv Park

Our move yesterday was not as uneventful as the last couple of moves.  I guess it was our third move with the big rig.

The first issue was our alternator light on the dash kept flicking on and beeping.  Fortunately, we discovered it while airing up and getting ready to leave the campground.  Al had recently done his monthly water check on the batteries.  The way they are wired he had to remove one battery cable to check the water.  It turned out that he didn’t quite tighten the cable enough and once he did that the alternator light stayed out.  Thank goodness.

The second issue was getting out of the campground loop.  The camp host parked with his truck sticking out in the road a little, right on a tight curve.  It wasn’t a  lot but we’re still pretty nervous driving the “Big Guy”  and we were extra careful.

The next thing was we had to go to the dump station and it was a little tricky maneuvering into position around all the trees.  We got that done and then proceeded to check our turn signals and brake lights.   They weren’t working.  Al just tightened the connection a little and we were good to go.  Finally.

The drive to Vero Beach was only about 135 miles, most of it on a 2 lane each way road.  It was a pretty easy drive though and the weather cooperated.  We ran into a little rain but it wasn’t too bad.  The skies looked dark and we figured we’d hit some bad weather.


We pulled into Sunshine Travel a little after 4 pm.  It never occurred to us that they closed at 4 pm!  Fortunately a very nice lady saw us pull up and opened back up to check us in.  It’s a good thing because this is a gated rv park and we needed a gate key.

Sunshine Travel Vero Beach

She gave us our choice of sites and said we could let her know later which one we wanted.  This was nice as it gave us time to find the “perfect” site.  We were here last winter, but the campground looks so much prettier in the summer with the grass nice and green.  The campground is right off of Interstate 95.  This makes it real easy to get to, but the sites near the interstate are a bit noisy.  That is where we were last time.  This time the park was not busy and so we were able to get a site on the opposite side.  Our front window faces out into the woods.  It’s a very nice paved site.  The satellite works too!

As beautiful as Hillsborough River State Park was, we are glad to have full hook-ups again!  I love the beauty of being surrounded by woods, but we are happy to be able to use all the water we want and do some laundry.

We are finally reaping the rewards of our new full-timing lifestyle.  We did some research yesterday and found a very nice Thousand Trails park on the Gulf Coast just south of Tampa.  We also have a place on this (east) coast further up north.  Lots of options.  In our past life, when we had to leave a campground, we were always so sad to go.  Yesterday, we didn’t mind a bit because we knew we were going somewhere else.

This morning (Friday) we got very early and went over to the beach to watch the sun rise.  That is definitely good for the soul.  Pictures of that later.

The following pictures are from Hillsborough River State Park.  A few deer and some flowers.

two deer




One of our neighbors at the state park. Note the air conditioner and  the satellite!

home made camper

The end



  1. That purple bloom is one crazy flower! :)

  2. Deer are the most graceful animals.

    I agree - it's so nice to have all the water we want. And I love the electricity, too.

    Enjoy your new site! :)

  3. Hope you enjoy your time in Vero Beach - bring me a lobster!

    Are you going to TT in Wachula next?

  4. Sounds like you two and "the big guy" (I just love that) are adjusting to each other quite well. It's A Wonderful Life for sure!!


  5. Glad you got all the glitches taken care of....good deal!!
    Enjoy your new campground and site!!

  6. 4 PM is rather early for the office to close. We are always fooling with the toad electrical connection. It always gets loose.

  7. Each time you set up or take off it'll get easier and easier. You're doing great and having fun and that is all that counts. Loved your pictures of the deer... they looked so healthy. It is the Good Life indeed!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  8. Sounds like a nice park you're in now. Glad all those pesky little problems got solved easily.


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