Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heading Out

Thonotosassa, Fl  Hillsborough River SP

We are leaving tomorrow for Vero Beach.  It’s  on the Atlantic (east) coast of Florida.  We may finally get to do some lobster diving.

We’ll be staying at Sunshine Travel Rv Resort, which is a Thousand Trails membership park,  so it won’t cost us anything.  We stayed there last March.  It’s an okay park,  but it’s your typical Florida winter snowbird park.  We will be glad to have  full hook ups again so that I can do some laundry. 

We love it here at  Hillsborough River State Park and decided this would be the place to spend Christmas.  We were shocked that our wonderful site #92 was available, so we booked the week before Christmas and a few days afterwards.  We really hate to make reservations, but you almost have to in Florida in the winter.

I’m keeping this short.   I’m going to go out and see if I remember how to ride my bike.


  1. Have fun! If you know you want to be at a particular park at a particular time it seems best to just make the reservation. Especially for Holidays.

  2. Wow that is great that you got a site you like around Christmas... Have fun in Vero Beach ~ and lobster diving! I've only done that once and it was hard work! LOL
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. Wow Lobster diving in Florida. I've never even heard of it. Are these the same lobsters that are in Maine?? Or am I just totally out of it??

    We'll be at Hillsborough about 2 weeks after you leave in December. Wish we could cross paths.

  4. Sherry
    Florida lobsters are not like the ones in Maine. I posted a picture of one in a post a little while back.

    We'll probably still be in the Tampa area when you get to Hillsborough River SP, so maybe we can get together!

  5. Have fun lobster diving!! Glad you got a site for the Christmas holidays. You are Florida at that time of the year you were lucky. :-)

  6. Have a fun trip. Maybe it will be a race to see if you catch a lobster before we get to eat our first Maine Lobster:)

  7. Chuck and Anneke
    No fair. We can see who CATCHES the first lobster :)

  8. Nice to be able to get a favourite campsite! Great place to be around Christmas.

  9. Hope you catch lots of lobsters! Glad you found a great spot for Christmas, there are some times of the year that reservations are just a must.


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