Thursday, August 04, 2011

Swivel Store, Air Force I, and Emily

Seffner, Florida

I just wanted to share a gadget that I found that I think might be helpful to others.  It’s called Swivel Store. 

I had seen it advertised on tv and it looked interesting.  I waited until I found it at Walmart so that I could return it if it didn’t work.


You can use it to store spices or medicines.  Here is what it looks like in your cabinet.  It’s the thing in the middle.  You can see it doesn’t take up much space.


If you want to get a spice jar, just pull out either the left or right side.


then turn it to chose your spice.



Then put it away and close the cabinet.


It was $20 at Walmart.  I think I’ll keep it.


Well, believe it or not, we are back at Lazy Days. 

We’re having a brake system installed on the toad (tow car) tomorrow.  We’ve been illegal these past few years and we finally decided we’d better put a braking system on the toad.  More than likely no one would ever catch us…unless we had an accident.  It allows the tow car to brake independently of the motor home and not put so much pressure on the  brakes on the motor home.           

Anyway, Al wanted to get the system called  Air Force One.  It’s a tiny little gadget that fits in the car behind the brake pedal (I think).   It doesn’t take up much space and you don’t have to take it in and out every time you hook up.  It automatically applies the brakes on the tow vehicle whenever you brake in the motor home. We had one of those huge brake systems that sat on the front seat of your car and applied the brake when it felt the momentum changing.  We bought it used and never did use it, and it’s now sitting in our storage lot in Georgia.

We hate to have to spend any more money, but figured while we are here we should just go ahead and bite the bullet and get it done.  We trust Lazy Days work and we don’t trust many places…like Camping World.

We still need another dash cover for the new motorhome, but hopefully that will be about all of our large expenses for now.

Our plans to head to the east coast of Florida for some lobster diving, might be put on hold. 

Tropical Storm Emily is heading our way and will churn up the water and surf.  Most of the “spaghetti models” are predicting it to stay away from the east coast of Florida and just skirt up the eastern seaboard.

models_storm2.jpg  640×480

However, we are still in the “cone of uncertainty.”

uhaE_2_640x480.gif  640×480

There is no sense heading to the east coast.  With a tropical storm approaching, the water will be stirred up and murky.  That’s not good diving weather.  It’s a good thing we have a “plan b.”   Of course, we have to get away from Lazy Days first!  


  1. That is one of the kitchen features I like about the Itasca Meridian. It has a spice rack on the wall already.

    I bet it's fun finding the little things you want to make your new coach more your own!

  2. I have seen that swivel storage item and thought it would work well in an Rv!..way to go!..I would say it is a keeper!!!

  3. Maybe Lazy days installed some kind of magnetic device in the motorhome that keeps pulling you back:)

  4. The swivel store is ideal for rvs that's for sure.

  5. If you don't get out of there soon, Lazy Days is going to start charging you real estate taxes! :)

  6. I think you guys have a Lazy Days fetish.

    Thanks for the photos of the spice rack. I had been wondering if they would work. I have my spices in a plastic shoe box that I just remove from the shelf. Since I rarely cook, it doesn't get removed often. I would use that new one for medicine. I'll check it out. I like you doing the research for what I buy, ha ha.

    We're still in PA - High 81, Low 71. Nice breeze last night. Too bad Emily would ruin the lobster diving.


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