Friday, August 12, 2011

We Escaped!

Lutz, Florida

We did it!

We escaped the confines of Lazy Days!

The new refrigerator cooled properly overnight and we were good to go.

We had a bit of an issue with the service guy that replaced the refrigerator. (not Mike)  He was definitely not our best service rep and when/if we go back we will not use him again.

If you ever go to Lazy Days for service we would highly recommend Dana Smith as service advisor and Mike Ballard for repairs.  This guy can do anything and is very conscientious.  We trusted that he would do the job right and look out for out interests. We also liked Johnny Cook who is the slide out expert. Jose (unknown last name) did our Air Force One toad brake and was great.   He also puts on base plates and hitches.     If you get John Williams….request a new service tech.  He was like a bull in a china shop and not respectful of our property.  When he wanted to raise a day/night shade he just jerked up one side, leaving the whole thing crooked.  His way of doing things didn’t give us a good feeling and we weren’t comfortable that everything was done correctly.    On Wednesday night before he left for the day, he said he had to “fabricate a baffle” and do a few other things,  and that we should be ready to leave around noon the next day.  He had to give the frig time to cool down properly.   The first thing on Thursday morning when he got there, he said we were ready to go.  What changed overnight?  When did he fabricate the baffle, and do the other things?  When I questioned this, he blew me off.  Of course that didn’t set too well and we had to get a few other people involved.  We had been so happy with the people and service until this guy.  He was  definitely not an asset to Lazy Days from a customer’s point of view.  Apparently, he has had other customer service issues…we were not the first.  Anyway, after Mike checked his work, we felt  comfortable to go.  All in all we were extremely happy with our Lazy Days experience.  The good far out weighed the bad, but if he had been our service tech from the get go, things would have been very different.  They agreed to extend our "30 day warranty” another two weeks.

We did find out something interesting that we did not know.  Supposedly we were informed when we signed the paperwork, but neither of us remember it.  It turns out that our “30 day warranty” was not for anything chassis related.  So that means the engine and transmission were not included in this warranty.  That concerns me a little bit.  We did purchase an extended warranty, and hopefully this will not be an issue.  It was something we were not aware of.   We realize that we got way more warranty than most other dealers, but it was a surprise to us.  So, if you ever think of buying from Lazy Days (or any other dealer)  be aware.

We left with a new refrigerator, tires, batteries, slide topper, water pump,  toilet, shower head, slide seals, and probably a few other things.  I guess we can’t complain.

We got another  rv wash and were ready to go.  This was the first time we hooked up the toad to the new coach.  Everything (including the new brake system) worked fine and we were off.  We were both a bit nervous driving this big thing on the highways.  We had driven it around the Lazy Days Campground and Al test drove it a few times on the interstate,  but this was going to be the real test.  It was now ours, and we had to travel down Interstate 4, which is full of crazy drivers!  We do our best to stay off of I-4, but there was no way around it.  Al has always wanted one of those big air horns that the semi truck have.  He now has one and thanks to an idiot in a little white car, he got to test it out!  Smile

  Everything went smoothly and we arrived back at Winter Quarters Rv park in Lutz, Florida.  This is the campground we were at before we headed to Lazy Days.  It’s definitely not the greatest place, but we have a nice level concrete site with a little shade.  We have full hook-ups, we can use our awning and the satellite works!  I’m pretty happy!  We paid for a week, but will probably stay a bit longer.  Al needs to get some pest control accounts done next  week.  We’re hesitant to get too far away from the Veterinarian for the time being.  We’re sure hoping to be able to go lobster hunting sometime very soon.  We’ll see.

I wanted to pass on another of my “favorite things.”  Hey, if Oprah can do it, so can I!

When we first took delivery of the motor home (way back when) the lady in charge of the cleaning crew came by to make sure it was cleaned to our satisfaction.  It was.  I did explain the carpet cleaner left the carpet way too wet, but otherwise everything was fine. She gave me a can of this stuff to make amends.

Heavy Duty Carpet Stain Remover  Technicians Choice  for Sale Honolulu Aiea Oahu   Detailing Products Hawaii   Auto Detailing Honolulu  E Cars Auto Detailing  LLC

She said it is great carpet cleaner and could also be used for  leather, vinyl and lots of other stuff.  She said just spray it on a cloth, not directly on the leather/vinyl.   It is great on the carpet, but I haven’t used it on anything else because it’s not labeled for those things.  I may try it later.  It’s called Technicians choice.  It’s really great for spot cleaning carpet and high traffic areas.  I hope not to have to need it too long because this carpet really needs to go.  I have to get Al  “persuaded” before starting another project!  He tells me  to “forget it”  whenever I mention replacing the carpet. Smile He’ll come around.


  1. Well isn't that nice. Good to see you made your escape. You had enough all around experience at the dealership to have opinions that really do count. It's always an annoyance when there's just that one bad apple. But, at least he was way down at the bottom of the barrel.
    Have fun!

  2. So glad to hear you got out of Lazy Days. And you made it safely back to the campground. That's great. I would like to change the carpeting in our rig, too. But I don't know how hard or expensive it might be. Maybe I'll wait and see how it goes when you convince Roger.

  3. Good to see you are out on the road. Here's to hoping you get to enjoy some fun things soon. Maybe a little kayaking!

  4. I bet it really does feel like you've finally escaped! :)

  5. Must be great to have a new "view". Enjoy and have fun.

  6. So happy you've finally detached the teather to Lazy Days and wishing you all the luck in the world with your new rig! It has been an adventure... Hope your fur baby is ok!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  7. Hasen it been more than a month? I can't imagine getting that amount of replacement and service from the couple of dealerships I have talked to.

    I wonder how log it will take the Arizona Lazy Days to get up to speed.

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  9. So happy to read that you cut the umbilical cord and have started your new adventure. It took a long time to get your coach up to speed but it certainly seems like you got good service.

    Happy Trails to you both. We are so glad that you are now on the road and living your dream.

  10. I have been boon docking so long I'm amazed at how far behind on my blog reading I am.

    Sure wish I'd had Lazy Daze to replace so many things for me when I bought my 2004 Brave. Took a long time but it sure sounds like you guys are good to go.


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