Monday, August 01, 2011

First Accident

Seffner, Florida

We never got energetic enough to move to the campground yesterday.  We puttered around the house, and ended up fixing a nice turkey breast in the Nu-Wave oven.   Several years ago, my friend Carol introduced us to this cornbread stuffing they sell at Walmart.  The brand is Carrington Foods. 

Welcome To Carrington Foods  Inc.

We all loved it, but unfortunately were unable to find it anywhere last year.  While at Walmart the other day, we accidently ran across it again and bought a tray.  So of course, we had to get a turkey breast to go with it.  We Nu-waved some carrots and had a delicious meal.  It looks like they have stuffed crabs and a few other things as well.  Might have to give those a try. 

We got the cats out of the old motor home (again) and I cleaned it up (again).  Our two wild ones, Medium and Dolly are finally starting to realize we aren’t going to kill them.  I was actually able to catch Medium without any tranquilizers, and I didn’t get bit or scratched!  We took him right over to the new motorhome and he immediately started following me around and rubbing up to me.  I think he has finally decided he loves us. In fact, he was a pain in the but last night, loving up to us all night long.

That is until this morning….now he thinks we’re going to kill him again.  So that is the first accident we’ve had. 

We have been concerned the kitties (especially Squeaky) would fall down into the step well.  They like to sit on the dash and the step well is black, so it’s not easy to see that it is basically a big deep hole.  I was afraid Squeaky would try to jump on or off the dash, miss,  and fall into the step well.  We try to keep the step cover closed most of the time, until the cats figure out that sometimes there is a big deep hole there and sometimes there isn’t.   This morning, Al went outside for just a moment.  He didn’t close the step well cover.  When he came back in, Medium was on the dash and got scared…(old habits die hard).  He jumped down…into the black hole not realizing it was there!  He ran off and was mad at everybody.  When a cats hurts themselves,  they tend to think someone hurt them and they are afraid of you for a while.  So all the progress we made yesterday is gone.  Medium again thinks we’re going to kill him!  We think he is okay…at least he’s not limping.  Poor baby. 

So today is finally moving day…so we have to prepare for the short move.  We intend to take it for a short drive…yikes…scary!  Wish us luck!


  1. Whew!!! I was afraid of another kind of accident... not that the cat falling in the stair well is good. Our por little dog has fallen in it a couple of times and hurt herself pretty bad but now she is to old to jump up on the chair so we don't have to worry anymore. Good luck on your maiden voyage! Have fun & RELAX!
    Travel safe

  2. Oh geez! Don't do that! I thought you had finally extricated the motorhome from Lazy Days, and proceeded to back it into a fence post or something.

    The cats will come around. You're the one feeding them. Plus, I knew of this one cat who fell off a seven floor balcony, and had nothing more than a cut lip. Can't say I recommend it, and it's something to avoid if at all possible, but they're amazingly resilient creatures.

    So yes, RELAX.

  3. I'm just glad the cat didn't run out the door never to be found again! Cats can be "interesting" shall we say. Safe travels.

  4. Yea, I'm afraid I was thinking the accident involved something very large and shiny and goes crunch, crunch!
    Sorry the kitty had a nasty fall. Hope he will regroup and trust again. Glad it didn't involve the MH!
    You guys be careful on your maiden voyage!

  5. Oh no. I hope the wild one is really okay and just angry. Falling down the stairwell is how our Skitz dislocated her shoulder.

    I, too, immediately thought of the motorhome backing into something. But a maiden voyage is so exciting - even if it is scary. Nice and easy does it.

  6. Same as the rest of the folks I was expecting to read about a 'crunch' job with your new MH. I'm sure the cat is o.k. and just a little upset as you say. Drive carefully today.

  7. drive carefully today!!..and we are glad to hear you are finally escaping the confines of Lazy Days!!!

  8. Catchy title -- I thought your MH got dinged or something. Hope the cats adjust to the new surroundings.

  9. I too thought you had dinged the MotorHome!

    How many cats do you have?

    As I was looking at RVs on the internet today I came across one that had a cat door from the stairwell area to the basement compartment next to it, and the cat box in the basement compartment. Now that seemed very ingenious to me.

    I have always had cats. But when the last one went missing two years ago I didn't get another. At this point it is hard enough getting a husband into an RV, much less a kitty!


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