Saturday, August 27, 2011

Welcome to the Woods

Thonotosassa, Florida   -  Hillsborough River SP

Did anyone notice I changed the name of our blog?  I figured the old name wasn’t really appropriate any longer.  I wish I was more creative and could think of a better title.  Any suggestions?  I just changed the name…not the address.

I also have a question for you geeks on watching tv shows on the computer.  We have watched all the past dvd’s of the Breaking Bad series and the only thing left is the current season.  I have TiVo'd some, but missed the first 6 episodes.  I can’t find anywhere online where I can watch Season 4, episode 1-6.  Anybody have a good site?   Season 3 ended up with a cliffhanger (of course) and we’re anxious to see the next episode!

It’s been so darn hot and humid here that we haven’t had the desire to do much….not even a kayak trip. 

We have done some walks along the river path and around the campgrounds, but mostly have stayed inside where it’s cool.  Al found a nice trail behind another campsite, but unfortunately it’s a little over grown.  He likes the trail because he saw 5 deer there the first time he went.   I prefer a nicely maintained  trail where you aren’t walking through brush.

Al decided to go on a walk last night before dark.   I reminded him to check himself for ticks afterwards.  I thought he did, but this morning he found a tick embedded in his right calf.  With Lyme Disease on my mind, the first thing I did is go online and confirm the recommended method of removal.  Years ago, we used clear nail polish to suffocate them and them pull them out after they died.  Now they are saying that’s not the best method and that you should just pull them out with a pair of tweezers, trying to keep from squashing the head and sending their poisons into your body.   After you get it out, you are to wash the area and then put alcohol on it and then an antibiotic ointment.  They recommend saving the tick in a jar of alcohol for 3 months,  in case you get the Lyme Disease Rash.  That way the doctor can test the tick for the type of disease it’s carrying.  Just because you get a tick bite, doesn’t mean you will get Lyme Disease, but it’s something to be aware of.

Remember the red marks I posted a few days back?

Lyme disease and other tick borne bacterial diseases  BADA UK21

This is what we will have to watch for.  I know darn well that he got that tick on that overgrown trail and I really don’t want him walking there again.  Let’s see if he listens. Smile  Welcome to the woods!


The Hillsborough River is high right now.  You can see the river behind the little building.  Note the sign on the top of the building?

Hillsborough River - high water mark

That is the water level from 1988.  Hard to believe isn’t it?

Hillsborough River - high water mark

We went on a search for other possible sites which might allow our satellite signal.

Maybe site 93 would work. It’s large enough, has 50 amp and easy to get into.

possible sites with satellite - 93


Site 91 is also a possibility

site 91 possible satellite connection


or site # 94

site 94...possible satellite



The following is a suspension bridge and the view of the river.

suspension bridge


A resident gator.  I was a LONG way from him…taken with my stalker zoom lens!

sunning gator

The next picture is  of the empty and very pretty campground.  I think there are now 3 other rv’s here with us and all on the opposite side of the loop from us.  Just how we like it.

loup around campground

We just wish it was a bit cooler.


  1. looks like a great park with a few campsites for options!!..only three other campers?..where is everyone?
    now as for the tick bite..hope it doesn't amount to anything.
    we watched all seven of videos from 'Barney'..very informative!!! we are waiting on the new ones!!

  2. Ticks are a scary thing... I had several this year and after your post I was checking constantly. Thanks for the great post on them. Wow the canpground is empty for sure ~ They started sschool last Monday so that probably has a lot to do with it. I think you need to remove your old phot because it still showed up after your blog fully loaded. I saw the new one for a few seconds... I like your new title.
    Have fun & Travel safe

  3. Donna

    I'm not sure what you meant. I kept my old kayaking photo, but just changed the title. Did a different photo show up, or just the old title?

  4. Pretty campground - it looks like good sites. I love it when I'm in a nearly empty place. It's nice to have SOME neighbors, though.
    It's funny, I don't usually pay attention to the names of the blogs, but I do notice when the header photo changes. I like your new name, it looks good to me! :)
    I need to pay attention to me and Katie for ticks. Yuck!

  5. I had been wondering if you were going to change the name of the blog since eventually you'll go places other than Florida and Georgia. :)

  6. Hey Karen, I noticed the name change yesterday, but I was afraid to say anything in case it had been changed a week ago and then everyone would know how observant I am. Glad you took care of Al's Tick right away, I prefer my Lime in Key Lime Pie. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. For watching TV shows that we can't get with our satellite, we use Hulu. You will need a good internect connection.

  8. I think the new name is just fine. Hope that tick bite doesn't cause any problems. Sometimes husband's don't listen to wives - have you noticed that? He should have stayed off the overgrown trail. Chiggers could also be a problem. I do miss seeing that pretty kayak photo. Terrific gator photo.

  9. Good grief - the kayak photo returned after I returned to the blog after entering my last comment. It must be loading slower than the blog. Or I have gone crazy and it was there all the time.

  10. If it were cooler, it would be full of snowbirds. School has started here so that makes a difference.

  11. I watch lots of tv shows and movies at this website.

    The link below will get you to the breaking bad season 4.


  12. I like your new blog title. It tells just what the blog is.

    The campsites all look very nice and now I wish I'd picked something in the 90's. We'll be in site 11 in January. If you get a chance take a look and tell me what you think. I doubt I can change it but I could try.

    N V U having the satellite.


  13. "It’s been so darn hot and humid here that we haven’t had the desire to do much….not even a kayak trip."
    You are about 8 miles south of our home in Zephyrhills. Your statement is why we spend this time of year in the north Georgia mountains, near Blairsville. We have a permanent site at Trackrock Campground. We went kayaking on one of the many lakes in the area yesterday, with temps in the low 80s.
    Hubby should be fine as long as you got it removed right away. It takes about 72 hours for infection to enter.

  14. I'm trying to come up with a new name too now that it we will soon actually have an RV!

  15. Nice park!!Looks like you have several great options for future reference. Great post on ticks! I never thought about saving the tick in a jar. That is a good idea....will do. Tick bites can be really scary things.
    We are in Cedar Key and it has been very humid here as well.


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