Sunday, August 28, 2011

Poison Ivey

Thonotosassa, Florida  - Hillsborough River SP

I think Al might have finally learned to listen to me. Smile

His little jaunt on the overgrown trail not only gave him a tick, but it appears he may have picked up some poison ivy.  He is extremely sensitive to it and just has to be near it to start feeling the first symptoms.  He has had poison ivy so many times and he has learned when he starts to get the “heebie jeebies” that he likely has been exposed to it.

Hurricane Irene was supposed to bring dryer air to Florida over the week.  The forecast was wrong. We got some pretty good rain yesterday afternoon and again overnight, and it’s still raining this morning.  That’s okay, we have nowhere to go anyway.  Squeaky is not doing well, so we need to be here.

We also got an unpleasant surprise yesterday.  Neighbors!    With all the empty campsites here,  they decided to park right next door!   On top of that, they are tenters.  I have no problem with tenters if they are a nice family type, but this group makes us want to double check our door locks and not leave anything outside.  The guy is all tattooed up and the three women look pretty skanky.  I hope this rain will make them re-think their plans, and leave.  They might be perfectly nice people, and they really haven’t been a bother.  They just look like they are criminals or drug dealers.

I got news from Adsense yesterday.  I finally earned enough and they have sent my first check out.  I’ll be getting a whopping $104.11.  It only took me a few years!  I  never started my blog to earn money, however, I certainly won’t turn it down.  Initially, I started it to help me remember places we had been.  As it turns out, the best part of writing a blog is all the new friends I have made.    You guys mean a lot to me.

I have decided to change the blog name once again.  After all, I write the blog…why should Al get “top billing?”  I think it flows better with my name first anyway.  Some of you have noted that there were problems loading the  header picture when I changed the name.  Is that still an issue?  Could it be just because I changed then name and after the initial load, it is fine? 


  1. With all the empty campsites here, they decided to park right next door!

    Lol...why people do this is one of lifes great mysteries, but it has happened to us a couple of times before as well. It is beyond any comprehension.

  2. I haven't had any trouble loading your header picture. If Al hasn't learned to listen by now, I don't think you have much hope. Sure hope he's feeling okay. And how is Squeaky. Sure do feel bad about her. Keep on blogging. Love following along with you guys.

  3. Awwwww poor Al... I would be unhappy with the new neighbors too. I never can get why someone has to move right next to you when there are a lot of sites opened. Especially in tents they can go anywhere. Which would give me the creeps more ~ LOL I know you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover but sometimes you just can't help it! As far as your header picture I see the Kyacks and your new title but in black letters so it's hard to read.
    Have fun, Keep safe and stay away from your neighbors (LOL)

  4. Everything on your blog loads fine here.

    Maybe those tenter's just wanted a good shield from the rain and wind!

  5. I can never understand why some campers do what they do? is a mystery..oh, just think of the entertainment as you watch them getting all wet in the rain!!..I am sure they won't stay long!!!

  6. Charlie Manson started out with three female followers, better triple lock the doors.
    This is one of the reasons we avoid state parks.

  7. Frankly you scare me more than someone in a tent,ooh tatoos, skanky looking women. But they haven't bothered us. just look like criminals or drug dealers.

    Mayebe they felt safer being next to someone. Luckily they didn't know it was a bigot.

    Ken with no blog.

  8. The blog loads up fine for me.

    We have had neighbors like that, as well. Ours left a small mound of liquor bottles behind when the park finally tossed them out on their ears.

  9. Your header picture loads fine for us but as Donna said the black font is not readable because of the dark color of the trees. Hope your neighbors don't cause you any grief.

  10. As long as they drink Miller High Life Light, they can park next to me anytime, if not look for another spot.I would think though if they were drug dealers, they would be looking for a low profile spot as possible. Tell Al to practice with his AK-47 that will get their attention.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  11. I have NEVER understood why people want to camp so close when there are options. Doesn't make any sense to me. Maybe the rain will run them off.
    So sorry to hear Squeaky is still not doing so well.

  12. I am very sensitive to both poison Ivey and poison oak. I have a prescription I keep on hand for Hydroxzine HCL 25MG. I've only taken it a couple of times, but it gives great relief. I also had a prescription cream at one time.

  13. Picture loads just fine for me. And I WAS going to say I thought Karen & Al flowed better when you asked about the name but then I didn't. But I do think so.

    Tell Al to get some Octagon hand/cleaning soap from the grocery store and just wash any skin that "might" be exposed to poison ivy when he gets back from a walk. We used to get it all the time from walking in the woods on the farm but haven't had it once since we started washing up with Octagon once we got back from our hike. Not sure it will work days after the fact but it wouldn't hurt to try.

    If someone posted something like Ken did on my blog, I'd delete it.
    Some people are scary looking. That doesn't make you a bigot.



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