Friday, August 19, 2011

Hitch Itch

Lutz, Florida

We have been here a week now.  Al has been doing his pest control accounts and I have been taking care of little Squeaky and taking care of some of those pesky chores that still manage to find us, even though we tried to run away from home! 

Squeaky hasn’t been doing well, but for the time being, is doing a little better.  It’s been a rough few days.

The Chemo (Leukeran) drug was not supposed to make her sick, but I think it did.  It’s so hard to tell with an animal though.   We stopped the chemo drug for a few days to try to settle her stomach.  I’m contemplating starting her back on it today. 

We are anxious to leave this area, and head to the east coast of Florida, but we’re afraid to get too far away from her Veterinarian.  This new vet has given us her home number for middle of the night emergencies, so that means an awful lot.

So, while we are here in one place, we are using the time to enjoy our new home.  Even though we have been living in it over a month, at Lazy Days we were back and forth to service so many times, we never could get settled.

I have decided I really like my Convection oven and washer/dryer.  How I ever lived without the washer/dryer, I don’t know. Smile I tried the corn on the cob recipe Margie gave me, but mine didn’t turn out as good as when I use the Nu-wave oven.  I think it over cooked it a bit.   I think Margie had the advantage of that good Midwestern corn!

The motor home is really comfortable and easy to live in.  I love having a comfortable couch again, and had forgotten how nice it is to watch movies laying on the couch.

It’s been too hot and muggy to get interested in doing much outdoors.  We may take a short drive somewhere tomorrow, just for a change of scenery.  I haven’t wanted to leave Squeaky very long, so a short drive is all we’ll get.  Maybe a drive to the beach to watch the sun set.

I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s blogs about all their summer travels.  Have fun guys!!  Wish we were there!


  1. I would do the same thing if Skitz or Scoots were so sick. We would stay home near the Vet and we wouldn't leave for very long. Part of the commitment we make to them when we bring them into our homes and in pay back for all the unconditional love we've gotten from them. But all caretakers need to take a break occasionally. So enjoy your drive. Nice that you are settling so comfortably in your new home.

  2. I agree it would be hard to go very far but a drive to watch the sunset may be a perfect short term solution. Hopefully soon Squeaky will feel better and you can get out on the road.

  3. Please share the corn on the cob recipie. :)

  4. I am sorry Squeaky hasn't been feeling too good. Bless her heart. We do (and did) the same things with our "babies." Sounds like you have found a really caring Vet....that means alot.
    I love my convection microwave (once I got the hang of it) and I so agree about the washer/dryer. Makes things so convenient.
    Hope Squeaky feels better real soon.

  5. Not much one can do when a pet is sick except do our best to comfort and take care of them. I do hope she does start to feel better so you're able to get out and move around a bit more freely.

  6. It's a hard time, but eventually you will be on the road. Will Al give up his clients, or keep coming back to that area?

  7. So glad you guys are getting all settled in your new rig. Hope your kitty does well soon and bounces back. ps LOVE the onboard washer/dryer too in our rig--- because I HATE laundromats!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

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  9. Hope Squeaky gets well soon and you can continue your travels.
    Susan & Sam

  10. Squeky comes first ~ I hope she is feeling better soon! I am so excited for you and the new MH. Glad you're settleing in! Wish you were up here with us now... Grayton beach has a few places for kyaking or canoeing. Take care my friend!


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