Sunday, August 07, 2011

Just Say Awwww

Here is a photo that was sent to me on an email.

Just say awww.


How adorable is that?  I don’t know who took the photo.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t me.  Isn’t is a great picture?

We’re still at the Lazy Days Campground.  It feels good to relax.    I haven’t been getting much sleep at night, so hanging around here is fine for now.

Aother reason to  hang around is because we are having some medical issues (again) with little Squeaky.  She has been having medical problems since February.    She was originally diagnosed with coliangial hepititis.  She has never recovered fully and keeps having relapses.  Last month we had a very bad episode where it turns out her blood sugar had dropped so low that it caused a seizure and temporary (thank goodness) blindness.  After a early morning visit to the animal emergency room (think big bucks) she made some improvement.  However the past few days she got bad again.  We took her to a vet  in Tampa that we know.  He gave her some beriam, and took a series of x-rays.  It turns out her latest problem is a large hairball that she can’t pass.  The current pictures show it has moved from the small intestine and is now in the large intestine.  This is good, but we’re not having any luck getting it out.  She is miserable and so are we.   Good thoughts for a good BM would be appreciated!  Smile  Dr. Fonzie said he was very optomistic, but we’re getting worried since she hasn’t passed anything yet. 


  1. Sorry to hear about Squeaky's medical issue. Here's hoping she gets better some time today!! Maybe feed her lots of her favorite food!!

  2. So sorry to hear about Squeaky and the hairball. Sounds very uncomfortable for her. Hoping she can pass this hairball very soon.

  3. we had a similar problem with our dog who had gotten into the kitty litter box and could not pass a hairball through his intestine. we hand fed him and gave him mineral oil with a syringe. it took a little while and alot of trying on the dogs part but he did pass the hairball and was back to normal again.

  4. love the photo..the momma bird protecting her young 'uns!!
    as for Squeaky..hoping for a big poop!!

  5. Maybe olive oil would help the process along?

  6. I like the idea of olive oil. Who knows, maybe Squeaky is Italian. Hope she feels better soon - she is so cute.

    The bird photo was so adorable - sure looked like mother's love.

  7. I hope Squeaky is doing better. I really hate it when our pets aren't well. Lots of feel better vibes coming Squeaky's way from us and Whiskey.

    Kevin and Ruth


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