Monday, September 05, 2011

RIP Lee Roy Selmon

Vero Beach Florida – Sunshine Travel Rv Park

It’s been very hot.   Tropical Storm Lee in the Gulf of Mexico has brought us some cloudy weather, but nothing more.  Hurricane Katia far off in the Atlantic,  is stirring up the seas.  No kayak diving until the seas calm down.  Labor Day week-end has brought out all the crowds. 

On Saturday , we headed down to Fort Pierce, Florida to Marine Connection Liquidators  for a cheap scuba tank.  All of our old tanks are in need of replacement and we were told this was the place  to get a good deal.

It’s an amazing place for boaters.  They have anything and everything you could want for a boat.

We picked up a new tank for $129.  The prices in dive shops are in the $180 range.

Al and his new scuba tank

We previously found a used one for me on Craig’s List,  so now we’re good to go….if only the seas would calm down enough so that we can do some kayak diving.

While we were at Fort Pierce, we took a drive out to the inlet. 

pelicans at fort pierce inlet

pelican take off


The pelicans cooperated for my camera.


fort pierce pier

seabird at pier

clear water at fort pierce pier

It was so darn hot that we decided to head home and stay out of the heat.

We took a few pictures of our campground.  It looks so much prettier than it did last winter.   The grass is green and well maintained. 

Sunshine Travel Rv Resort - Vero Beach, Florida

Sunshine Travel Rv Resort - Vero Beach, Florida

Our site, number 16.  We have woods in front of us.

site 16  Sunshine Travel Rv Resort - Vero Beach, Florida

The campground is right across from I-95, but our site is on the farthest row from the interstate, so we don’t hear the road noises.  All the sites are full hook-ups with paved pads.  Many have additional patios.  It’s a very busy park in the winter months, but we mostly have it to ourselves right now. With our Thousand Trails “max your Pass” membership, it is free to us!  I should clarify though.  With Thousand Trails, the first 30 days per year are free.  After thirty days, we have to pay a whopping $3.00 a night.

Sunday, we decided to hang around the house and do some house cleaning.  The landscapers spit up grass onto the motorhome when they were mowing.   We washed that off, cleaned the front windshield and did a little waxing.  We bought some Mequires spray-on wax, and it seems to work pretty well for quick touch ups.  Al put the kayak racks on the roof of the truck, with the hope that the seas will calm down enough to do some diving.

Late in the afternoon, once it cooled down a little bit, we took a drive over to Sebastian Preserve State Park.  It’s a nice area set aside for hiking and horseback riding.  There is a Florida Scrub Jay habitat there.  The trails were a little overgrown though so we didn’t stay too long.  Hopefully they will maintain the trails a little better in the fall.

hiking trail at Sebastian preserve State Park

A Red Shouldered Hawk posed for a picture.

Red Shouldered Hawk

After that, we drove over to Wabasso Causeway.  It’s about 10 miles from the campground.  The causeway leads out to the beach.  Wabasso Beach is supposed to have a reef close in and that is one place we hope to do some beach and kayak diving…..if the seas ever calm down.

The causeway blocks the wind, so it’s a nice place to do some kayaking without all the strong surf. 

wabasso causeway

wabasso causeway

wabasso causeway

And on a sad note….

The football world and Tampa Bay, suffered  a big loss yesterday.  Lee Roy Selmon died yesterday at the age of 56.  He had a massive stroke a few days ago and  passed away yesterday.  Lee Roy was the Tampa Bay Buccaneer's first very first draft pick and was a local celebrity.  He was a Buc for 8 years, and very beloved in Tampa.  He was a good family man and involved in many charitable events in Tampa.  Here is a link from Sports Illustrated.

Family  Hall of Famer Lee Roy Selmon dies in Florida after stroke   NFL

RIP Lee Roy.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Sure hope the weather starts cooperating so you can get out and do some diving. So young to die. That is a sad thing.

  2. Nice pictures of the pelicans. Not sure what it is about pelicans, but I have managed to take hundreds of pictures of them.

  3. great shots of the palm trees!..and what a nice campground you are in!..enjoy!!

  4. Hurricane season seems to be in full swing. Hope it calms down so you can get out in the kayaks and do some diving.

  5. I think if I were there I'd be in that swimming pool! Looks like a very pretty park.

  6. What a great looking park you're staying in.

    Great pelican pictures.

    Too bad about Lee Roy Selmon - way to young to be passing away.

  7. Great picture of the red shouldered hawk!! Sure hope the weather calms down so you two can do some diving!

    I just hate it when they mow the campground and blow the grass up against the MH.

    You all take care!!

  8. Loved your pictures today ~ I love Pelicans and you sure got some good shots of them. So sad about Leroy Selmon ~ he just opened a new restaurant in Palm Harbor where we are from. Great post Karen... hope to run into you guys this winter sometime. Next time your in the Tamps area let me know. We'll be back in 3 weeks!
    Have fun


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