Monday, September 12, 2011

Kayaking and watching September 11 coverage

Vero Beach, Florida

We spent a lot of time on the week-end watching the tv coverage of the September 11 events.  It was certainly a sad day in our nations history and it brought it all back.

Al actually knew one of the New York fire fighters that died that day.  He was the son of a long time customer and Al had met him on several occasions.  He came from  a fire fighting and NYPD family in New York.  His cousin, also a fire fighter died that day too.  I just wish our nation unite together like we did after that horrible day.

Al and I decided to repeat Saturdays wonderful kayaking trip and go back to the same spot.  This time we were going to go earlier and beat the heat.  Well that didn’t work out too well!  We got in the water about 8 am, so it was a little earlier, but it seemed hotter yesterday.  We didn’t see rockets, manatee or many birds.  It’s funny how the exact same place can be so different from day to day.  It was not a memorable trip.

After the paddle, we found a great spot to paddle at Fort Pierce State Park.  There’s a wonderful area to launch the kayaks right on the inlet.  The water is clear and beautiful.  We’re heading there this morning and we may get an earlier start.  Smile


  1. I agree, places do seem to change from day to day. :)

  2. That's how I feel about our travelings. If we return to someplace, it's just never quite the same - sometimes better, sometimes not. Sure, sure - an earlier start???

  3. have a lovely day on the water!! am off to that dreaded place called 'work'!!

  4. Awwww poor Sue ~ Keep the dream in mind! Meanwhile we'll keep exploring for you...

    I couldn't watch any of that on TV yesterday ~ my heart hurts to much when I see that. Glad you're having a great time over there and really getting to explore the area... Looks like a fun place to Kayak. We are going to be looking into getting 2 when we get into our home area in Pinellas County.
    See you soon hopefully
    Have fun & Travel safe

  5. Have a great day kayaking at Fort Pierce State Park!


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