Thursday, September 29, 2011

Weighed the Coach

Seffner, Florida

It’s been a very busy week so far.  Monday morning started very early because we had to be at the hospital one day surgery center with Mom.   She had an appointment at 7:00 am for an EGD (Esophagogastroduodenoscopy).    We didn’t get out of there until well after noon. 

The next stop was to settle up our bill at Lazy Days and move the motor home from the free delivery site over to the campground.

We were pleasantly surprised that our bill for the chassis lube and Transynd service was $200 less than we expected.  They gave us a nice discount.  I think Jason knew he messed up and didn’t want us to leave a bad review!  No charge for the s-cams or the few other things we had them check out.  We feel good to have gotten two important maintenance items done.

We decided to just go over to the Lazy Days campground for a few days, since it’s just right across the street from the service and sales area.  We still had some things to do before we could leave Tampa. It’s very nice campground, with all the amenities, nice level sites.  It’s a little pricey  at $33 a night, but you do get free breakfast and lunch, and a free newspaper delivered to your site,  so I guess it evens out.  The main reason for staying there was it is so close and we were both exhausted by that time we got the motor home ready to be moved.

Before we went to the campground we decided to fuel up and get the motor home weighed.

There is a Flying J and a T/A truck stop right across the street, along with a Cat Scale truck weighing station.    We had never weighed  this motor home fully loaded,  and we needed this information to determine correct tire inflation pressures.  It cost $9.50 to get weighed and we were in and out in just minutes. 

Underinflated tires are the major cause of blowouts!  

We weren’t worried we would be overloaded since we have over 6,000 pounds of carrying capacity, but it’s important to know the weight of each axle to determine the correct tire pressure for your tires.  A four corner weight is even better but they don’t have that option many places.

The Cat scale only weighs each axle.  You  divide that weight by the number of tires on that axle to get a good guess on the weight on each tire.  There is a chart in our manual, and on many tire websites that tell you what psi to inflate the tires to depending on the weight on that tire.   A four corner weight is the best so that you can know for sure how much weight is on each tire.   There are places where you can get a 4 corner weight and many rallies have someone that can do it for you. I think it’s about $60.  Money well spent in my opinion. 

  Check out  this link to Howard and Linda’s website for some very good information on tire pressure and weights.   We hope to get ours weighed correctly sometime this winter at one of the local rally’s, but for now, this is the best we can do.

So after we got fuel and weighed, we settled in our campsite….loving our full hook-ups and the fact that no one was needing to do something to our home!

We have finally decided on a name for the new kitty.  His name is Baxter Fuzz-Butt.  We call him Baxter.  He has gotten to be a holy terror!  When we first got him I was a little worried  because he slept so much.  Now I wish he would sleep more.  He has discovered every square inch of the motor home, including the dash.  He now thinks he can sleep up on the dash like the big guys and he’s pretty proud of himself.  He attacks your ankles every time you take a step, or even if you’re just sitting down.  We have a fully loaded pistil grip water sprayer ready and he gets spritzed pretty regularly.  He’s learning though.  We had forgotten how energetic (and cute) a kitten could be. 

We’re leaving Tampa today,  but our plans have changed…again!  More on that later. 


  1. Wow, 6,000lbs of CCC sounds like a lot!

    Don and Cheryl Catoe

  2. I agree, you MUST get your rig weighed. I worried about ours until we did and then we found out we were ok. What a relief!! I fear, really fear, a blow-out. So we do all we know to do to prevent and then say a prayer!!
    Love the new name!! Baxter sounds like he has really settled in...good for him. :-)

  3. You definitely want to get the proper weigh when you can. You're okay with your weight but the distribution is so important. Baxter is a great name. I've always said we won't ever have another puppy because I just can't keep up with them.

  4. Aw, Bax.

    I always say I prefer to adopt rescues as adults, but Tucker has done us in, lovewise.

  5. We weigh ours every couple of years to see if it is eating to many clothes:)

  6. Baxter's a great name for your cat. It sure beats Esophagogastroduodenoscopy!!

  7. love the name of your new addition!!!..sounds like the squirt gun will be your best friend for a while!

  8. Doncat and Cheryl
    Yes, 6000 lbs of ccc is a lot and one of the reasons we bought this coach. We only have two slides and that gives us much more weight. It was a major consideration in purchasing our coach because we knew we had lots of "stuff."

    Jim and Sandie
    We have tried to distribute the weight as best we can but the two slides are on one side so it's hard to tell for sure until we get a four corner weight.

  9. Baxter was my grey tiger striped cat when I lived in Placerville. He was the BEST cat, and I love that name. I hope your Baxter will be as good a pet as my Baxter. So for, he sounds like a real cutie. :)

    I haven't weighed my rig yet, but have that on my list of things to do. I'm not worried about it, though, because The Palms is so short, I don't know if I could overload her. Thanks for the reminder.


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