Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sunrise at Flagler Beach

Flagler Beach,  Florida

We have been exploring a little and we really love this area.  There is a lot to do and most of it very close by.

Our campground is fine.  Not too crowded and we have plenty of privacy.  Our spot is facing so that we get full afternoon sun on the awning side, but for $42 for a two week stay, I guess we can’t complain.  SmileI’ll post some pictures tomorrow of the campground and our site.

We found two very nice ocean front campgrounds.  One is $31 a night and the other is $75.   Guess which one we like the best?  I will post the post the pictures tomorrow.

I just wanted to post a few pictures of Flagler Beach.  It’s just minutes from our campground, so we’ll be watching a lot of sunrises.

The following are pictures from yesterday afternoon.  That is the Atlantic Ocean and it was a little rough out there.


Some boys were chasing a flock of gulls.



Several shrimp boats a few miles offshore. 


There is a nice fishing pier.  There is a charge to go onto the pier.  I’m not sure how much it is because we didn’t go  onto it yesterday.  flagler beach pier

We went back to the beach this morning to watch the sunrise.  We were lucky it didn’t decide to rise until 7:33 am…because we weren’t in the mood to crawl out of our nice warm bed!

It was well worth the effort though.  There is something very special about watching the sunrise over the ocean.  The temperature was perfect, cool enough to be able to wear a light jacket, but not cold. 

There were a lot of clouds in the sky so we didn’t know if we’d be able to see anything. 


Some areas were a little more clear than others.


Soon, we could see the sun beginning to peep up over the horizon.


The clouds didn’t quite go down to the horizon.






As the sun got higher, it disappeared into the clouds.

We stayed around and chatted with a local woman we met while taking pictures. She gave us some suggestions of other places to go.  She was a photographer and has her own website where I assume she sells some of her work.  I haven’t had time to check it out yet but I’ll bet she has some great pictures. 

More tomorrow.  I think this area is going to call for more than one blog post a day!  There is really a lot to do around here.

if anyone can tell me how to correct the spelling on my new header photo, I’d sure appreciate it!  I added a caption and realized later I misspelled sunrise!  Duh


  1. Just go to Blogger dashboard, then to layout, then to picture edit, and change the subtitle. Be sure to click save before getting out of there. :)

    Do the fishermen stay on the pier overnight?

  2. This can't be taken from your site ... right? I love the ocean in the liminal parts of the day. I just love the ocean.

    $42 for two weeks is so cheap, I'd pay it. Nice work!

    Roxanne, reporting from Seffner

  3. Judy
    I tried what you suggested, however the caption was put on in Picasa and it doesn't give me an option for deleting or correcting it! I fixed them though, I just deleted the picture and put in another one. I'd really like to fix that picture though.

    I don't know if they fishermen stay out their overnight. I suppose some do, but my bedtime is 11pm so I'm not really sure!

  4. What a lovely place to spend some time!! I agree...sunrises and sunsets over the ocean just can't be beat. Nice pictures!!

  5. Sure are beautiful pictures!

    Are you talking about a 'caption' in your photo or a 'watermark' put on during an 'export' operation.

    Depending on what you used, there are ways to get rid of the caption or watermark.

  6. THANK YOU for the sunrise photos. I have to admit, I'm never up that early, I'm more of a sunset person. :) So it was nice to see the sun coming up over the ocean.

    I didn't understand what it was you wanted to change. If I want to change something on a photo, I use Paint or Scrapbook Artist and cut the section out and do a cut/past that will blend in from a nearby area, or insert something over it.

  7. Whenever I'm at my daughters home in San Diego, I walk the two blocks to the cliffs and watch the sunset over the Pacific.

  8. gorgeous sunrise shot today!!!..beautiful!

  9. You know me, I love pictures of clouds and you have some gorgeous ones with that sunrise. I'm sure those fishermen spend the night because there's probably some great fishing during those hours. Jim would be right out there with them.

  10. Rick
    It was the watermark I put on. I couldn't correct or remove it, so I just changed the picture. That's why you don't see it on the header photo.

  11. I love sunrise/sunset pictures. The colors in yours are terrific. We, too, love that area.

  12. These are great pictures. You are really making me anxious to get down to Florida. Only 62 days and I'll be off. Can't come too soon.



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