Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Hanging Out at Home

Crystal River, Florida

We decided to hang around the house yesterday and get some chores done.

We had bought the Max Air II vent covers for our Fantastic Fans and decided it was finally cool enough for Al to get up on the roof and install them. 

While he did that, I inflated the kayaks.  Since we are right on the water, we decided to take a short paddle later in the afternoon.

Our site is on a canal that leads to Crystal River.  It’s about a 200 yard paddle to the river.  Once you get to the river, you can turn left to get to the Gulf of Mexico (about 5 miles) or right to stay in the river.  It’s quite a distance to the springs from our site.  It wasn’t the nicest paddle we’ve ever had and we decided to cut it short.  We probably won’t launch at the campground again.

We found a couple other places to launch the kayaks that were a little closer to the springs, and clearer water. The closer to the springs, the clearer the water.  We may go there today, depending on how we feel.  Al is stiff and sore from his work on the roof.  He is feeling his age today.  Smile

Last night I woke up cold and aching all over.  I took some aspirin and felt better when I got up, but I’m wondering if I’m trying to get sick.  Not much energy today, so we’ll see how it goes before we decide on our afternoon plans.

Crystal River is a very popular place to dive or snorkel with manatees.  Hundreds of Manatee come into the warm spring waters (72 degrees) in the winter months.  Manatee are mammals and need warmer water to survive.  They start coming back into the springs once the Gulf or Atlantic waters start cooling down.  We’ve been told a few Manatees are already showing up just from the last cold front. 

River Ventures Manatee Tours Photo Gallery

There is the potential of some tropical formation in the gulf, so we need to get some paddling done while we can…just in case.


  1. I just love reading what all you do!! Y'all take care of yourselves there are some nasty cold bugs going around already.

    Hugs Cindy and Walker

  2. Amazing manatee photo. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Do you have wet suits to wear when you go diving?

  4. I have been wanting to get some type of inflatable boat, never thought about Kayaks.
    Will give that some thought.

    Signing up today to Follow Your Blog.

    Mark and Lauree

  5. Crystal River sounds like a great place to visit. I hope you have a fun time.

    Have a Great Week! :-)

    BTW, thanks for your comment on my "Don't Mess With Old People!" post. ~Ron

  6. I look forward to see the manatee some day. I have mad a few over the years, but based my designs on pictures.

  7. I just love manatee and hope Mike and I can venture toward Homosassa this winter to see these great animals.
    Hope you are feeling better!

  8. Great manatee photo. Hope you and Al both feel better and can get out to do some paddeling.

  9. I had a 24 hour bug yesterday too and I'm clear across the country from you. It's really getting around.

    Great Manatee picture. Lucky you to get to see more soon. We hope to be in florida by January. If you're still around we'd love to meet up with you to say hi and maybe even do some paddling.


  10. Beautiful pictures, I'm impressed that you went paddling even if you weren't feeling well.

    Hope the paddle cured what was bugging you.


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