Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Heading to Flagler Beach

Jennings, Florida

47 degrees  again this morning… Yesterday was one of those perfect days with clear blue skies and warm temps in the 70’s.  Perfect.

We made the drive to Cairo (Georgia)  yesterday to get some things out of our storage building.  We knew the building was pretty full, and were hoping we weren’t going to have too big of a surprise.

We had to go and hit O’Neils Country Buffet first.  Yumm, good country cooking buffet for $7.00.

Our next stop was to a tire place.  We had been noticing a slow leak in one of the truck tires, so we decided this would be a good day to get it fixed. 

Finally it was time to suck it up and go to the storage building.

Here is what we found.




Yes, it’s a bit of a mess.  That is the result of the panic mode towards the end where we had to just start shoving things in.  About a week before the closing, we were getting tired and found it hard to make any more decisions.  If you look behind the utility trailer, you’ll find some nice organized boxes, all stacked neatly!  Really! 

The last week before closing was when Al finally got around to all the “nitty gritty” in his garage, and storage buildings. 

We managed to find what we needed pretty easily and were out of there. 

We did make a quick trip by the old place to see how it looked.  Unfortunately the new owners were sitting outside so we couldn’t stop and gawk!  It looked good, all mowed and pretty.  Don’t miss it, don’t miss Georgia and don’t miss being a property owner!

Now, on to a new adventure.

Our intention was to get up early (which we did), but unfortunately, we laid in bed and went back to sleep, and didn’t get up until almost 7am.  Oh well.

We’re very anxious to explore the Flagler Beach area. The red box below is where we’ll be ending up.

Flagler Beach, Florida


Thanks Rick, I went back to your tutorial about how to copy our route from Microsoft Streets and Trips to Live Writer.  Worked like a charm.  I also learned something about how to find places.  I was trying to find places along the whole route and not just entering a city then clicking on “find places.”  Your way works much better!

I made a two week reservation at  Bulow Rv Resort  last night.  Total charge was $42.00.  We’re hoping the campground will be nice.  It’s a great location, right in the middle of a lot of things we like to do.  There are quite a few state parks nearby and should be a good central location.  We haven’t explored much of this area, so we’re really looking forward to it.

I’ve had a few more questions about our Thousand Trails membership.  We got our membership at the Tampa Rv show last winter.  They offered a “zone membership” for $199 (regularly $499)  There were four zones.   We chose the southeast zone.  There is also Northwest, Southwest, and Northeast.  In the Southeast zone, there was an option to buy a “Max your Pass”  camping pass for an additional $199.  It gave us an additional 6 campgrounds in Florida.  Without the Max Pass, there were only 3 campgrounds in Florida, and would not have helped us much this year.   In fact, we’ve never actually camped at the regular 3 campgrounds they offered.  We will,  we just haven’t gotten around to them yet!

If you buy a Southwest zone pass, they also offered a “Max your Pass” for Arizona.  I don’t have the flyer for Arizona, but if I remember correctly, there were an additional 9 campgrounds in Arizona.  Merikay, this would be the one you’d probably want.  I would certainly check out the larger rv shows and see what they are offering for next year.   We have found it has been well worth the $398 we spent. 

I spoke to someone at TT and they don’t know if they will offer the “Max your Pass” offer again this year, or if they do, how much it will cost.  We’re really hoping they do and that it’s the same price!  It was normally $499 each  for both the zone and the max your pass.  Since we’re now full timers, we think even if we had to pay $1000, we would probably get our moneys worth.  I guess we’ll see at renewal, or at the rv show.  One thing I can recommend though, is if you purchase one of these special rv show rates….save the literature!  This offer we got was new and not in their system.  It took me months to find the right person who could straighten ours out.  They kept showing we owed an additional $300.  I never got any hassle, but it just showed up that we owed it.  I finally talked to someone and I faxed her the brochures showing my prices.  I had a feeling I should save those since when we signed up, everything was pretty messed up.  I don’t know if it made a difference, but I was glad to have had the proof.

So on to Bulow Resort in Flagler Beach.


  1. nice to go back and visit the old homestead and not miss it one bit!..at least you know you made the right decision!!

  2. Interesting post. What I found surprising is that you do not find 7AM early! That is almost always very early for us:)

  3. Unless Jim is going fishing, 7:00 a.m. doesn't exist for us (or unless the girls need to visit the great outdoors). Hope the new park is a good place for exploring.

  4. Nice job on the map! It sure is nice to be able to see exactly where you are and the route you've taken.

    Your storage shed looked perfectly normal to me!

  5. Oh goodie, we have new adventures to follow along with ya'll!
    You'd have a heart attack if you saw my storage unit! In fact, I nearly have them when I have to go there...

  6. Just to be ABLE to sleep in until 7:00. I think I'm turning into my ole man. It ain't pretty.
    The storage isn't all that bad. Just needs to be organised a bit. Some shelves at the back there would be perfect. When you said "storage" I was think of some tiny spot. That's like a workshop. Or it could be.
    Liked the map too.

  7. I will look for it at the FMCA rally in January. I hear they have vendors for various things. The few RV shows I have been to only had a few people with booths. At least that is my general impression since I was mainly interested in getting outside to look at used Class A's


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