Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Blue Springs State Park

Flagler Beach, Florida

We started our day with our usual early morning sunrise at the beach.  It was very windy and a little chilly with the wind blowing straight off the Atlantic.

I liked this picture showing the heavy surf and the shrimp boat in the background. 

ugly surf at flagler beach, shrimper



We went home for a little while then decided to head over to Blue Springs State Park.  We hadn’t been there for years and didn’t remember anything about the campground.

On the way to the park we were traveling on I-4.  There was this  Class C pulling a pretty good sized travel trailer.  He was weaving all over the road and going over the speed limit.  We finally were able to get in front of him and he was texting with one hand and holding the wheel with the other.  I think he may have been transporting new rv’s.

class c pulling a travel trailer, speeding and texting!

We got away from him as fast as we could and arrived safely at the park.

Blue Springs State Park is home to a large concentration of Manatee.  They start arriving once the ocean and rivers start cooling down.  The spring water is a year round “warm” temperature of 72 degrees, so it’s the warmest water they can find during the winter months.

There were a few Manatees already and we spent quite a while watching them.  Once a large population of them come in, they close the swimming and kayaking area off to protect the manatee.

Today, there was a group of 22 kayakers!  I think it was the senior citizen regatta!

22 kayakers at blue springs

It was pretty breezy and cool there, so we didn’t get our kayaks wet!  Yeah, we’re wimps.

There was a family there from Minnesota.  The little 8 year old girl Erin was snorkeling with the Manatee and really enjoying it.  The Manatee seemed interested in her and would come right up and look at her.


She wasn’t alone.  Her dad was right there with her while her mom went to buy her a snorkel.


This was two adults and a baby manatee.





Her mom finally got back with masks and snorkels.



I got a  few nice shots of mama and baby manatee.



We finally drug ourselves away from the Manatee and went over to the campground.

I expected the campground to be small with cramped sites, but we were surprised how nice the sites were.  Many of them were big rig friendly.

The main road was paved and plenty wide.  No tight curves or overhanging trees.


The sites were completely private and angled so that you could more easily  back in.

They were sandy…no concrete pads here.

Site 25


Site 18.  This is one of 2 sites that you cannot reserve.  We determined we could fit into both this site and 39 which also could not be reserved.



Si 39 doesn’t look as pretty, but Al thinks we could get a satellite signal there, plus there were lots of birds around, including the rare Florida Scrub Jay.


We want to spend a few days at a state park when we leave here, but they are all booked up for the week-ends.  We figured if we can get one of these two sites we would be locked in for the week-end.  Hopefully no one else will get there before next week!

It’s really a very nice campground and we’re anxious to spend some time there. 





  1. I loved your surf pictures, too! They brought back a lot of memories. Saw lots of that from beyond where the shrimp boat was.

    Amazing how close you can get to manatees. That little girl will never forget that encounter.

  2. Paul beat me to it. Gorgeous pictures of the sunrise especially that first surf one. Made that my desktop, hope you don't mind.

    What an experience for the little girl!!

    Thanks for the info on the State Park at Blue Springs. The springs state parks are my very favorites. Looking forward to hearing about the site there if you can get it. Good luck!!

  3. I am fascinated by how you go out and check out the park before you bring the rig over.

  4. Wow, Great photo on the shrimp boat in the waves!! Awesome! I like the park you ended up in as well. Nice & private looking. Enjoy your stay there - love the manatees too :-)

  5. great surf shots today!!!.and I also like to go and visit a park before we go there with the trailer!..at least then you know what to expect..most of the campgrounds we go to you can see online what the sites are like so that always helps!..hope you get the spot you want for the weekend!!

  6. We visited Blue Springs in January of 2010 and that was our first time seeing the Manatees. It was SPECTACULAR!! Nice photos of ocean and manatees.

  7. Looks like a nice campground. I didn't realize you could swim with the manatees. I need to get out more. Must have been a kayak discount day for the kayak group, with a coupon in the paper!

  8. The fishing boat in the surf pic is awesome! So are the ones of the girl swimming with the Manatees! Nice job!

  9. That sure looks like a nice park to stay in. Hope you get your site!

  10. Love your header picture it really catches the surf. Looks like a painting.

    Blue Springs SP looks like a great park. I like the big spacious sites and the fact that you can look at and swim with the manatees.

    Kevin and Ruth

  11. Merikay
    Yes, we do like to check out campgrounds first to make sure we will like staying there. Now, with the bigger motorhome we need to make sure we will fit! We also just like to spend time at state parks and enjoy what they have to offer. Florida has some amazing state parks.

  12. Have you ever considered entering your state park photos in their monthly photo contest? Just wondering, because you take some amazing pictures!

    I consider Blue Spring to be my 'home' park because I live a mile from there, and it's one of my very favorite places to visit! I'm glad you got to check it out and hope you can stay there. We're camping at a new park (for us) this weekend, Highlands Hammock. Any experience there?


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