Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Thinking of Willie

Flagler Beach, Florida

Whenever we start to get ready to move, I start thinking of Willie Nelson’s song….On the Road Again.

We have really enjoyed Flagler Beach, but we’re both ready to move on. 

We called Blue Springs State Park last night to see if they still had a site.  They have one of the non-reserveable sites left, but would not let us pay over the phone.  So we’re hoping it’ll still be available if we get there early enough today.  We were up at 5 am and hope to get on the road fairly early.  We figure we could surely get another site, but would have to move on Friday, so we prefer to get a site where we can stay through the week-end.

Our journey is only about an hour, so barring problems, we’ll be at Blue Springs soon.


  1. Good luck, Karen, I hope you guys are able to get a spot here! If you need anything while in this area, please let me know. Maybe one day I'll bring my daughter down to wander on the boardwalk.

  2. Paula

    Let me know if you get there. I'd love to meet you guys.

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  6. I am so sorry!!! I clicked on the publish link and for some "stupid"reason it went in 4 times. It has never done that before.

  7. good luck with the short drive today!!..and hope there are some choices when you get there!!

  8. Hope you got your campsite! We are sooo enjoying reading your blog and glad you are on the road full time!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  9. Sure hope you can get the spot you want and then not have to move. Blue Springs looked like a nice park.

    Kevin and Ruth

  10. Safe travels and good luck in getting your favourite site!

  11. I always get a little nervous when I know there are limited sites so I hope you get there and it is still open.

  12. Hope you got the site. In cases like this could one of you have driven the truck over sooner and claimed the site?


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