Friday, November 11, 2011

i-Pad or Xoom?

We got Al an i-Pad about a year ago.  It looked to be about the coolest thing ever.

It wasn' least not in our opinion.  Everybody raves about them, so we  thought we didn't know how to use it.

We have been thinking of selling it and getting a netbook or a Motorola Xoom with the Android operating system, like my Droid phone.  I love my Droid and actually use it all the time....but hardly ever for phone calls.

We found a Xoom on clearance today at Walmart.  We got it.  We have 15  days to return it if we don't like it.   So far, I think it is going to blow the i-Pad away.

Anybody else compare the two?


  1. Annie likes her iPad, but I don't care for it. I want my keyboard because I have things to say.

  2. I love my laptop, a Macbook Pro. I have to have a keyboard.

  3. Gin has an i-pad and loves it. She gave me a xoom for retirement and I use it some to make her happy. She is such a geek and loves both set ups. I like my old laptop the best but I am very ungeek.

  4. Let me know how it goes with the Xoom. I'm trying to decide between an iPad and some android tablet.

  5. I know you will let us all know how you like Xoom!!

  6. I still like my laptop computer and iPhone 4 combo.

  7. John loves his iPad but it took some getting use too. There isn't much he can't do on it now. Only needs my laptop once in awhile. Don't know about the Zoom. The Kindle fire just came out too.


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