Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Day in the Life

Orange City, Florida

We have really  been enjoying  Blue Springs State Park.  The campsites are all so private.  There is a lot of brush between all the sites so even if you have a neighbor, you can’t see them.  Our one neighbor moved on, so now we are all by ourselves…just like we like it.  There are no sites across the road either, so you have a nice view our the front window.

Our site could be a little wider, but it’s fine and we like it.


There is plenty of room on the outlet side and since both our slides are there, we have enough room on the awning side.


The parking for the truck is a little tight, but we manage.

There is a paved walkway to the river right beside our site, so we have been enjoying the river.

Blue springs run

A manatee nose…coming up for a breath of air.

manatee nose

There is a nice boardwalk along the river.

walkway at blue springs state park

Fall foliage, Florida style.


Turkey vulture





There was a beautiful sunset but we almost missed it.


A beautiful full moon.


Al  put some lights up around the campsite and we lit a campfire.  It was a beautiful night.



  1. Loved the turtle stretching his neck up to the sun. A truly beautiful place.

  2. you day in the life is much better than ours..wanna switch?

  3. Wow! What a fabulous site you have there for sure. Love the boardwalk.

  4. Looks like a really neat campground and the river walk is neat too. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  5. Wow, looks great! How did you take the picture of the moon? I have this fancy new Canon T3i and have yet to get any good moon shots no matter what ISO I try. Of course I need a tri-pod as well.


  6. Awesome pictures. It does look like a little piece of heaven on Earth! Enjoy.

  7. We've never been to Blue Springs. Have to make a point of it.

  8. That's a very nice spot you've got there!

  9. Looks like a nice quiet spot that you have, gotta love the lifestyle!

  10. Great photos. Nice spot to hand out.:)

  11. Nice area! Love the river being so close to your site. Love the campfire!!

  12. What a wonderful place to be. Quite some life! No wonder you love it.

    I'm with Erik, how DID you take that great moon shot??


  13. Love the lights around the camp site. Give it a magical feeling.

  14. Thanks for sharing the campfire. Nothing can be more relaxing and I needed to relax.

  15. Erik
    Thanks for the complements on my Moon shot.

    I used my Canon Powershot SX30 IS. It has an amazingly powerful zoom.

    I don't use a tripod...mostly because it's never convenient or handy.

    The zoom has more power, but the closer I zoom, the harder it is to hold the camera steady enough. I just tuck my elbows in to my side, exhale and steady my feet...and hope for the best. I may take 10 moon shots to get one or two with the moon actually in the shot.

    I let the camera do it's thing. I keep the camera settings the same except for the exposure compensation and let it do it's thing. It seems to work fine.

  16. Now that is a great example of life of a full-timer. Peaceful. Paradise. No problems.

  17. Glad you are enjoying your stay at Blue Springs. As I mentioned before it looks like a beautiful park.

    Love the sunset and moon shots.

    Kevin and Ruth


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