Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wekiva Springs State Park

While we were camping at Blue Springs State Park while back, we made a day trip over to Wekiva Springs State Park.   It’s only about 35 miles from Blue Springs.  We hadn’t been there for many years and didn’t really remember much about it.   I wanted to make sure to post some pictures to my blog for others, and also so that we can remember it for the future.

I wasn’t expecting it to be a great park, but boy was I wrong.  We decided right there and then to plan a trip there as soon as we can.

We didn’t bring our kayaks so we didn’t get to do  any kayaking.  It looked like a great place to kayak.

Wekiva springs State Park


Wekiva springs State Park

or paddleboard

Wekiva springs State Park   paddleboarding

Our Sea Eagle Fast Track kayaks have a sturdy floor and can be used as paddleboards.  I’ve never stood up in mine, but Al tried his out last winter…on a gator infested river!   Not the smartest thing to do, was it?  Not only were there lots of gators, but it was late in the day (feeding time), and the gators were cruising.  Fortunately he didn’t fall into the water.

The Wekiva, is another of Florida’s many spring fed rivers, which means 72 degree year round water temp and clear, pretty water.

There is even a pay station right on the water.  I’d  never seen this before!  I guess if you’re paddling the river and want to come into the park to swim, you can pay.

Wekiva springs State Park

There is a nice kayak and canoe launch and you can rent from them if you don’t have your own.

A nice swimming area.

Wekiva springs State Park

Another first is this chair that will help handicapped people in and out of the water.  How nice was that?

Wekiva state park



There are nice trails along the river.

Wekiva springs State Park

There were some beautiful Live Oak trees draped in Spanish Moss.  I wish I could capture how beautiful these trees are, but my pictures never seem to show their true beauty. 

Wekiva springs State Park  live oak

There are 9 miles of bicycle trails, but cyclists can also ride the 8 miles of horse trails.

There is an equestrian horse campground along one of the horse trails.  We didn’t go there, but did see the horse corral area.  I think that would be very nice to bring your horses on a camping trip and ride the trails all day.

Wekiva springs State Park horse corral


Wekiva springs State Park horse

The campground was  really, really nice.  There were actually two separate campgrounds. 

****caution…there are no 50 amp sites***

We thought that was odd.  Most state parks change out the old 30 amp breakers with 50 amp as they go bad.  For some reason, they only have 30 amp sites at all the sites.  We verified it with the camp hosts.

If you need 50 amp for you’re a/c, you’d better go here in the cooler months.

The sites were large and private.   Most of them were easy to get into and could accommodate the largest rigs.

Here are a few of our favorite sites.  You can see the sites are angled for easy backing

Site 1


site 3

Wekiva springs State Park

site 4

Wekiva springs State Park

site 8

Wekiva springs State Park

site 11

Wekiva springs State Park

There were two campground loops.  We liked the first one (with the lower site numbers).  The sites were more open and we thought we’d see more wildlife there.  Of course it would depend what time of year you went.  In the summer heat the other loop may be better because it was shadier. 

**Remember, there are no 50 amp sites**

site 33

Wekiva springs State Park

site 44


This looks like a great park.  We felt sure we would see lots of wildlife if we camped there.

The roads were paved, and wide enough with no problem with low hanging branches.

Wekiva springs State Park


Wekiva springs State Park deer

It’s definitely one of the nicest campgrounds and we will get back there soon.

It’s located in central Florida a little closer to the Atlantic coast, and not far from Orlando.

Map picture


Baxter came home yesterday afternoon after getting neutered.  He’s doing fine, but is still a bit subdued (thank goodness).  A calm Baxter is a good Baxter. His appetite is back and he was ravenous this morning.  I’m glad to have him home!

Al went to Georgia yesterday to bring another load from the storage shed, and he spent the night there.  Baxter called him on his cell phone this morning.  

Yes, he actually called his Dad!

I had just gotten off the phone from talking to Al and I left the phone on the bed. The phone dial screen was up with Al’s number on it. Baxter was playing with the phone and evidently called Al. Of course he didn’t say anything, so Al called me right back to see what I wanted. I don’t know if he believed me that Bax called!

Here he is batting at my camera…..the little stinker.

Baxter 4 months

and being good

Baxter 4 months


It looks like another pretty day, warm and sunny.  I think a cold front is pushing through though and we might get a little rain, and maybe a little cooler the rest of the week….70’s probably.  Can’t complain about that.


  1. What a smart kitty Baxter is! We have friends who have a dog that is trained to push a button that dials 911. Animals are amazing. The best our son's cat has done this week is crawl into a pizza box and steal pizza.

    Doesn't one of those parks have the restaurant where you cook your own breakfast on a griddle? The water is always so pretty there at the springs.

    Happy Thanksgiving too!

  2. Baxter is so cute!!..happy Thanksgiving you all!!

  3. gorgeous pictures and beautiful little kitty you have there...we used to have a newfoundland dog that used to answer the phone when it rang..with 5 almost teens in the house the minute it rang everyone would barrel toward it knowing if dutchess got there first it was off the hook on the floor...happy thanksgiving....have a super day...

  4. Margie

    The only park I remember cooking your own pancakes was Hillsborough River State Park, here in Tampa.

  5. WOW...I never saw a park that catered to handicap as that one does. Good for them. Looks like a great place!
    Of course we are partial to cats. Baxter is a cutie!

  6. Oh I can't help but laugh at Baxter - what a face! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  7. Very nice looking state park. I agree with you about the Spanish moss in the trees. It's beautiful but impossible to capture in a photo.

  8. Very nice campground....thanks for the great pics and helpful information.
    Baxter is adorable...glad he is home and feeling up to his ole self!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. I was lucky enough to grow up on the Wekiva River, and it is still one of our favorites. You really must get those kayaks in the water, it's a beautiful paddle!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  10. I just LOVE your blog. You provide me with so many great spots for kayaking and so many details about the park. Today you've done it again. Sure hope there will be some spots open there this winter so we can go.

    Hope other parks take a note of the handicapped chair. That's really nice.

    Baxter is SO cute. Lucky you to have him to love.


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  12. That is sure a beautiful looking park - so many things to see and do.


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