Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Purging Christmas Decorations : (

After I managed to drag myself away from my new  toy, we went up to the garage and started to tackle the overwhelming Christmas decorations.

Al has been complaining for years that I had way too many Christmas decorations and they took up an entire corner in his garage.  I  have to admit that I have really not had the interest to decorate very much the past few years.  It just seems to be too much effort.  You have to put away all your normal decorations and then when it's all over, change everything around again.  I guess it's a part of getting older.  Bah humbug :)

Anyway, we sorted through the decorations and I saved only a few items that fit in a very small box.  We have a little tree that sits on the dash of the motor home.  I have to admit, it is kind of a sad process.  I love my decorations and it was fun going through all of it,  but a little sad putting it in boxes for the garage sale.  There are memories attached to a lot of these things.  However, it can't possibly all fit in the motor home and we're hitting the road once the house sells....so it's gotta go!

I spoke to our Realtor today and she said the lady who popped in last week with her Realtor, is making an offer on the other house she looked at that day.  We thought she was just a looker and not really in the market for a house, but apparently not.  Lorraine thinks she is going to make a low ball offer on the other house and it was priced $10,000 less than ours to start with.  I guess, you just never know about people.  I think she really liked our house (from what she said), but we're guessing it was out of her price range.

So, anyway that got me to thinking that something could happen anytime and we need to move a little faster on this purging process.   We work better under pressure, but not that much pressure!

I've went on E-bay today and ordered some accessories for the new Droid phone.  It's an expensive phone, so I got a hard case, and also a cute little red leather pouch for it.  I also got something to protect the screen, a car window mount, and a car charger.  It has what seems to be a very nice little GPS feature in it and with the suction holder for the car, I think it will be handy.  Of course, we have two other GPS, but for a "directionally challenged" girl like me, you can't be too careful :)

I've been playing with it and keep finding new things that it does.  You can send an email by saying it, instead of typing.  That's pretty cool.  It has a real nice video camera too.  I downloaded a few apps and even got one to help you improve your memory!  I set up Yahoo and Gmail, so I can read my emails from the phone.  Internet surfing is a little tricky, but do-able.  It has 7 home screens that you can load up with stuff!  It's a pretty amazing little gadget and Rick...you need to get one!  The computer geek in you will love it!

Tomorrow we have to take more stuff to the storage shed for our next garage sale, and I have an item that I sold on eBay to mail.

Our weather had really cooled off.  This morning it was 46 degrees when we got up!  In the 70's during the day...perfect.


  1. You're probably right, getting tired of putting up and taking down the Christmas decorations does get a little old over the years. The whole Christmas thing has gotten out of control - I would be just happy eating with friends or family and skip the rest of it. No more shopping for gifts either - send money. Bah Humbug.

    Sounds like your new phone is a lot like the iPhone. They are so much fun!

    Gee, just think if that lady had bought your house! You really would be working under pressure.

  2. Yeah, if you drag your feet on the purging process you'll surely sell the house super-fast. Hey...maybe you should drag your feet a bit. It could bring you some good luck and get a contract ASAP.

    Have fun with Christmas.

  3. Your Droid sounds like a really great device. I got an iPod Touch that does most of what the Droid or iPhone does except it's not a phone and since it doesn't have its own modem, I have to rely on wifi hotspots.

    My current phone contract is up soon, so I'll be looking at both the Droid and iPhone next for sure.

  4. We haven't decorated for Christmas in several years so it wasn't too hard to let go of things. I always worked on the holiday and it was a bit of a downer. We were quite surprised when all of our decorations sold at our recent yard sale. Several items were in a box together at a low price. Worked like a charm.


  5. KarenInTheWoods and Steveio has left a new comment on your post "Purging Christmas Decorations : (":

    We have 2 years yet, but we have already been giving away a lot of our Xmas stuff as each of our kids get married and gets their own houses. But I wish they would take more!

    I read something about getting rid of stuff to your kids: IF THEY DON'T WANT IT NOW BEFORE YOU DIE, THEY ARE JUST GONNA TOSS IT OUT AFTER YOU DIE!

    LOL... so if they don't even show any interest in having the *treasured items* you own now, no sense in saving it for them later.

    We had our kids also go around the house and earmark what things they would like. The rest will go on Craigslist or rummage or Goodwill.

  6. We haven't had Christmas here for a couple of years. It is so much easier for us to go to our daughters house than for her to bring the kids and all of their gifts up here.

    When we did do a Christmas tree is was 11 feet tall and Craig has tons of very special ornaments.

    I'm thinking of having my daughter come up in Spring and help us sort them. She can take whatever she wants.

  7. I had no problem getting rid of Christmas things! Once the children grew up, Christmas just wasn't the same. Kevin always said Christmas is for kids and he is right.

    I saved special Christmas ornaments that Lindsey and Alex made and special ones that were given to us over the years and the rest went to the garage sale.

    Can't say we have missed Christmas.

    Kevin and Ruth


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