Thursday, October 21, 2010

Full Moon

Not to be outdone by my friends Margie and Roger, I figured I needed to post some of my full moon pictures. 

The zoom lens on this Canon SX 30 IS,  is really powerful, and you can get some amazing shots…if you can just stop your heart from beating a minute so that you don’t miss the moon. 



I need to get out my tripod and see if that will help me to hold the camera  a little steadier.  I took a few shots where I missed  the moon altogether.

I tried several different settings and adjusted the exposure a little, but they came out pretty much the same for the most part.  I think the moon still has a little to go before it is 100 % full. 

I loved my old Olympus camera and I used to try to take moon shots, but never was able to get anything quite like these.

I need to scan and post some pictures my Dad had from his Air Force days.  He had the REAL close ups :)    Maybe I’ll scan them tomorrow.


  1. I love the moon shots. What a treat to have a great camera to shoot with!

  2. Geez, it looks just like the moon that Roger shot! So have you stopped playing with the Droid now that you have a new toy. When does your iPad arrive, ha ha.

    Weather forecast is not looking real good for our trip to Fort Desoto. Now showing 30-40% rain chance. Sure wanted to go this weekend to beat high prices and snowbirds - hope we still can go.

  3. Margie
    Hope the weather holds up for you. A little rain won't hurt anything :)

    I think we're going to go IF we can catch the cats.

    I am still playing with Droid. The Dummies book is helpful. I still haven't figured out the darn calendar though. I need to upload the store key card thing you mentioned. What was the ap called?


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