Tuesday, October 12, 2010

2 House Showings Yesterday

I ended up having two house showings yesterday.  That's the way to go...get them all done at once while everything looks good!

Unfortunately I didn't get good vibes on either of the people.  As normal, I left the house while they looked around, and then offered them a tour of the property if they wanted one.  The first lady was probably in her mid 60's.  She lives in Tennessee with her 88 year old mother.  She's thinking about moving here because she has a brother in town and her mother doesn' t like Tennessee.  She has mini donkeys,  horses, and dogs, so this would be a good place for her.  I just don't know how a woman that age could manage this place.  Honestly,  it's a lot of work for us.  Of course we goof off a lot :)

The second showing was another woman.  She was younger, but came without a man/husband.  She had a horse also.  I think she may have had a husband at home, but I'm not sure.  I just don't see how a woman alone could handle this place.   After I showed her around outside, she went back and looked inside again.  Maybe that was a good sign.

My plan for today was supposed to be working on purging more stuff from the kitchen, but that didn't happen.  Maybe today?

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  1. At least your getting a few bites.You just need to set the hook on one of them.


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