Saturday, October 09, 2010

No Show

Well after busting our butts getting the house ready for a showing and cutting our garage sale short, the people didn't show up.  Apparently they changed their mind.

They were supposed to come between 11 and 12.  I finally called our Realtor about 1pm.  She called the other Realtor and found out they weren't coming.  I don't know why the Realtor didn't call us.  I know that's part of the deal when you're selling a  house, but I thought the Realtor should have let us known.  We were hanging around wanting to make lunch but not wanting to mess anything up.

Anyway, the house got all cleaned up.  We try to keep it fairly neat and clean, but it just seems to need the extra touches before a showing.  After lunch we took a nice long nap!  Neither of us slept very well last night and we were tired.

Today has been another beautiful day, but the temps are creeping up again.  I've so far resisted turning on the a/c, but I may have to turn it on a little this evening.

Al's outside spraying Round up down and I'm getting ready to make a home made pizza.


  1. Well, that's sure annoying having to hang around for people who don't show up and then the realtor doesn't even have the courtesy to call.

  2. Our houses are never as clean and tidy as when they are on the market or when company is coming!

    No-shows are par for the course.

  3. Sometimes buyers are just rude. However, the realtor is supposed to be the professional and he/she should have called to announce the cancellation to you. Stuff like tha is so annoying! Hope it sells soon so you can avoid anymore of this business. Hang tough.


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