Friday, October 15, 2010

I Think I'm in Trouble

After I posted the blog about the new Canon SX 30 IS camera, I searched around on the internet and found some really good reviews.  I also found some video's and still pictures that show what an amazing zoom lens it has, and I'm hooked.  When I make up my mind about something, I tend to drive everyone (Al) crazy until I get it...just like the Droid.

When I woke up this morning, I was excited about something..but couldn't remember what it was for a few minutes :)   Once I figured out what it was, I was up and ready to go shopping!

The camera weighs a little more than I like, and doesn't have rechargeable AA batteries like I would prefer, but that's the trade off I'm willing to make, for that big zoom.

Here are a couple You Tube videos I found showing this amazing zoom lens.

Can you imagine what kind of picture you'd get from the Grand Canyon?  Or Royal Gorge?  Or of a bird?  They call it a stalker camera!

I had been thinking of getting a new camera for quite a while now, but never got really excited because I love the camera I have and the new ones didn't seem to be much different.  However, this Canon takes the zoom lens to a whole new level and I've got to have it!

It has the equivalent of a 24-840 mm lens.  What that means is it is wide angle for close up shots and the zoom lens will allow you to photograph things from a long, long distance.  Since most of my photography is nature and wildlife, this is perfect for me.

They have one at the local Walmart and I'm tempted to go get it.  I need to wait though because Al is going to see what kind of deal my brother can get me.

Canon SX30IS 14.1MP Digital Camera with 35x Wide Angle Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and 2.7 Inch Wide LCDNice looking, huh?

In my blog yesterday I mentioned my Flowbee haircutter that I have used for years.

Years ago, there were info-mercials on tv showing how they worked.  It sounded like a good idea and I ordered one on a lark.  I've been cutting our hair ever since and it's saved us a lot of money.  If you have shorter hair, it's a breeze.

You hook it up to a vacuum cleaner, it sucks the hair off your head out straight, and it cuts your hair to the length of the little plastic extender. It won't cut it any shorter than the plastic extender you're using, and it will be even all over unless you change extenders.  There are different length extenders you can use.  I didn't find it worked well for trimming the length of long hair, but that's easy enough to do yourself with scissors.

 Margie asked if the  vacuum cleaner in the Rv would have enough power.

 Yes, I think it would.  If it has enough suction to lift your hair off your head, it is powerful enough. The Flowbee has it's own little motor that runs the blades.  It is plugged in separately from the vacuum.   My friend uses a little hand held vacuum and keeps it attached to the Flowbee all the time, for a quick haircut. She also does her husbands hair and uses a little clipper for the back.  On Al's I just trim the length in the back. It's not shaved on the neckline....if you know what I mean.

 I have to have a little help from Al for trimming the length of my hair in the back, but I can cut the rest.

Wow, the prices have gone up since I bought one.  You may find them cheaper elsewhere, I don't know.  I have gotten my money's worth many times over.

 I am not affiliated with the product. I just love it and it's saved us a ton of money on haircuts over the years.   I might make a little money if you were to buy it from Amazon from this link, but I don't know because it's never happened.  You may find it cheaper somewhere else.    I just wanted to pass on something that I love and that I think would be useful for fulltimers.  It may not work for your hairstyle, but it works for us.  There used to be some videos showing how it worked.  Margie, check those out.  I think your hair style would work well and I think the motorhome vacuum would have enough power.  It will definitely go with us to Florida this winter for our 2 1/2 month trip.

I awoke to a bit of  cooler weather this morning.  As soon as my feet hit the cool floor, I knew the temperature had dropped.  It was down to 44 degrees.  It's supposed to be even cooler tomorrow.  It should be a nice day for our regular Saturday garage sale.  I think we may try a Friday sale next week and see how it goes.  That is, if I can talk Al into it!


  1. That Canon SX30 sounds great. It would sure beat hauling around a bagful of interchangeable lenses - just one powerful lens to do it all.

    So, the hair cutter! Let me get this right, you hook it up to a vacuum cleaner and it sucks your hair straight out then cuts it? I'm sure it works just fine for you, but I really liked your Canon camera idea a whole lot better!! No offense!!

  2. I am sure you will like the Powershot I have the SX20 Is and I love the pictures and video's it takes. The SX30 is 14 megapixels instead of 12 and has the propriatory battery instead of the AA's, So far I am getting really great life out of the 4 AA's and I carry an extra set of 4 in my bag, with the recharger that plugs either into the car or wall, but like I say I have shot a couple hundred pictures on a charge. If your brother can find an SX20 he can probably save you over a hundred dollars over the SX30 don't know how much 2 megapixels means to you, but I like the convenience of the rechargeable AA's If you decide on either one
    has 16gig sd cards for $29.99 I ordered one and that will give you 1 hr of HD video or a couple thousand pictures. Just some info for you. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. O M G. I'm in the same trouble. I spotted that camera at Walmart too and I WANT IT NOW.

  4. Rick,
    Al's hair is very much like yours and the "hair sucker" works fine :) It might even work on your beard!

    Sam and Donna,
    I had planned on getting the SX20 until I learned about the SX30. I love the zoom! The 14 megapixel is not as important as the 35x zoom. I would sure have preferred the AA batteries though. I priced the Lithium..$47! Yikes! I'll check out the link for the SD card..thanks for the tip. Maybe they'll have batteries cheaper. I have to have more than one battery.

  5. You said I made you feel guilty! It is your blog about your weekly sales that has helped me get going again!

    I guess that what this blogging is all about.

  6. The Sony camera that I have has a Litium Ion battery and it lasts forever, even when we were out west this year and taking lots of photos. My previous Olympus camera took regular batteries (rechargeables) and I was constantly having to change batteries. You might want to see how long the Lithium battery lasts before you go buy an extra one - you may not need it. This battery is a big reason why I want this SX30.

  7. We have used the Flowbee for more than 20 years and it works great. They now offer a small vacuum to use with it. We'll get that before we hit the road next summer. It's used by other fulltimers so that's a good sign. Enjoy your new camera.



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