Thursday, October 21, 2010

Interesting Information

Just found some interesting things while reading my morning blogs.

Gin and Syl posted a link to an “E-Bike” kit.  An E-bike is an electric bike.  I can just hear some people thinking how lazy you must be to have an electric bike.  We got ours a few years ago and we found that we actually got much more exercise than with our regular bikes.  We traveled further, and went more places because we knew we could always get back if we got too tired.  We worked on peddling more and using electric power less, and found our endurance steadily improved.  

Here  is the link they posted for getting a kit to retro-fit your bicycle. It’s still not cheap, but cheaper than buying an E-Bike.  We got ours a few years ago for under $300 each.  We got a really good deal. They are a lot more expensive now it appears.  Unfortunately we haven’t ridden them much since we’ve been living in Georgia.  There is no good, safe place to ride and we haven’t taken them camping with us lately because the batteries needed replacing.  We replaced a few weeks ago, so they’re ready to go.  I’m not sure if we’ll take them on our next trip since it’s going to just be a short trip.  We’ll see.

Margie  wrote about an article she read where a lady fell out of her motor home while traveling on Interstate 10.  Ouch!   She was severely injured, but not dead. 

Some Tampa friends of ours had something similar happen to his Mother.  She got up (like we all do) to go to the bathroom, or grab a cold drink) and fell into the stairwell.  She didn’t fall out of the motor home, but was hurt pretty badly.  I have tried to be extra careful and always think about her when I get up.  I try to stay seated and belted in as much as I can.  It seems most of my excursions involve a cat who has thrown up in her cage!    We seem to have a little car sickness going on :)

I think we have pretty much decided that we are going to take a short camping trip this weekend.  That is if the weather holds up.  We have had no rain for weeks and weeks, but now it’s looking like some storms are heading our way.  Doesn’t it figure?



  1. We had a friend who was walking in their MH and the husband had to hit the brakes and she went flying to the front - broke some ribs.

    Another friend was resting on the couch and her son was sitting in the passenger seat without a seat belt on. Someone hit the MH and they ran off the road. The son went through the windshield and landed in a field. The lady fell off the couch and had very serious back problems (rods in her back now). The son lived, but I can't remember his injuries.

    Hope the weather holds out for you and you can enjoy a camping weekend. You need a break.

    Nice flower photo. I'm guessing it might be a macro shot? I haven't tried macro yet. This camera apparently doesn't have a self-timer or a remote timer??

  2. Sure hope the weather holds out for your short camping trip. We are just packing up now to head home after our 2 day shakedown. It sure has been a nice break from the normal days.

    If you do head out, just be careful if you have to walk around a bit as we wouldn't want to be reading a story about you chasing your rig down the highway!!

  3. Thought you were not supposed to walk around in a MH while it was moving! And not using your seat belt is not very smart.

    I always use my seat belt while driving. It was not always so, but years ago my dear sister was not wearing her seat belt and was hit from behind at a stop sign. She hit her head. We all thought she was OK, but six week later she died of a stoke.

    She was 46.

    Buckle up!

  4. Merikay, Margie and Rick

    I USUALLY am buckled in when in the motor home. I am a big believer in seatbelts and even use one on the riding lawn mower.

    However, on occasion in the MH, I do get up to go to the bathroom, or more often to clean up when a cat gets carsick. I try to choose the time I get unbuckled and out of my seat.

    I'm sorry about your sister Merikay. That was such a shame.


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