Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Droid Tethering Issues

Well, I'm back to tethering my laptop to my Droid X again.

I got some suggestions from Rick.  He said to un-install the Pdanet program from the computer and then re-install..  I did that and no change.  I did it again and some other things (I'm not really sure what???) and I'm back online.  I am posting this blog through my Droid, for the time being anyway.

When I do things to my computer like this, I just push buttons, select next, etc and sometimes I really don't know what I'm doing.  I know this is not the best method and I think I just heard Rick gasp, but it's all I know to do sometimes.

Anyway, we're working, hopefully it will stay working.  I just lost my connection a few minutes ago and do not know why.  It may just be a normal thing.  I do know a phone call will override the internet access though.  So while I have internet access, I ordered a book that is very appropriate for me.

Yup, the dummies really applies!  I found the same book on Ebay for over $30, so I thought this was a good idea.  I could have ordered an Ebook, but for something like this, I prefer a book that I can bookmark and highlight if necessary.

This Droid is really a great computer/phone, but it has so much stuff that it's very complicated. I could use it just fine as I understand things right now, but I know there is so much else there that I'm missing.  Sometimes I find something,  then can't remember how I got there the next time.  I   uploaded the Facebook App, but now on my phone contacts, I see all my FB friends!  I need to figure how to remove them from my phone contacts for the phone.  Maybe Droid X for Dummies will help.

We used the GPS feature the other day and found we can get a satellite view instead of the normal gps map view.  It was nice.  I could see that a big lake I wouldn't have seen or a river.  You could actually see things on tops of roofs of large buildings.

Today, I plan to work on purging things in the kitchen.  My plan yesterday got waylayed due to the two house showings. I haven't heard back from our Realtor, so I haven't gotten any feedback.  I'm not expecting anything though, but we'll see I guess.


  1. Glad to see your Droid tethering is working again - and, yes I did 'gasp' a bit as I read about you just pushing buttons until something happens - sounds like Paulette!

    It sure would be a lot easier if Verizon would simply turn on the built in tethering on the Droid instead of forcing users to go to 3rd party apps to make it work. 3rd party apps, while good, are sometimes prone to problems.

    I expect Verizon will eventually update the firmware on your Droid to enable tethering which will make it all much easier.

  2. Rick,

    Yes, still working! Paulette has you when she messes up, so she can get away with pushing buttons.

    Verizon actually has the tethering feature, but it's $20 a month. I prefer free.

  3. Hi,
    Fulltiming couple here, currently in Yuma, AZ. We bought our Droid X one month ago and we are using Pdanet to USB tether to our laptop. had some initial issues with error messages ref no driver being found but finally worked out the issues and it is now working like a charm. Couldn't be happier. Best of all it is FREE. Are you sure you set your laptop and Phone in a "discoverable mode?" Your laptop needs to be able to see your phone so it can link.

    Brent and Tammy


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