Friday, October 15, 2010

Introducing My New Camera

I told you I  thought I was going to like the zoom lens on this Canon SX 30 IS.

I was right.

How about this picture of a tree in the pasture.  This is a view from the Golf Cart.

Here is the same view with a close up of the tree.

How about the moon?  See that tiny little spec?

Can you see it a little better now?

The camera has an image stabilization feature that helps you to be able to hold it steady for these zoom shots, but it was extremely difficult holding it steady enough without a tripod.  That darn moon just kept jumping around all over the place.

How about a night moon shot?  Out of focus, but you get the picture of how far away it was.

Here's is it zoomed in to the max.

At first I wasn't sure I was going to like the camera.  I had  to figure out out to adjust it to my liking.  I still have some work to do, but I definitely think it'll work for us.  Al came back home tonight and a few of these pictures are his.  He's not the photographer in the family, and he was able to get some nice shots too.

Here's a squirrel from earlier today.

I can't wait for a full moon to try out more moon shots.  My birds didn't cooperate yesterday, but next week-end I think we'll head to St Marks Florida for the annual Monarch Butterfly Migration festival.  It should be a good time to try out the camera some more.


  1. Wow! What a zoom! Those shots are amazing. I honestly can't believe how clear those zoom shots are. Now I'm thinking about how many great wildlife shots I missed at Yellowstone this year. Sure beats carrying around a bunch of lenses too.

    It will be interesting to see other comments you get.

  2. Very impressive. Wait until some of the photo gurus with their huge telephoto lenses see these!!

  3. WOW! Great shots! I'm having a bit of trouble with my camera now, I think it's just getting "old" from so much use, but I have never been able to get good night shots with it, even when it was new. I'm very impressed. I'm going to check your model out, I think. Thanks for sharing.
    - Mary Ann :-)

  4. UhOh. I just bought a new kayak in Canada and it's on the way to Oregon. Now a new camera?? guess my half time retirement might have to keep going for a bit longer. You really hooked me with this one!

  5. Wow, you really hooked me with this one! I just bought a new kayak while we were traveling in Canada. Now a camera? I guess I will have to keep up the half time retirement work a bit longer!

  6. Wow, you got it! That is one amazing zoom. I already love your pictures. I'm looking forward to your upcoming ones.

  7. You are going to have sooooo much fun. I am a real canon fan. I have a digital slr and I absolutely love it. just take your time and get to know it, keep trying all the different features (of which I am sure there are many). Photography is such a creative activity.

  8. Food for Thought!

    You may think this is weird making a comment on a past blog but I felt commenting on a blog about camera equipment that everyone else is talking about Powerball winners would be out of place.

    My love of photography started early and I saved to buy my first point and shoot Kodak instamatic at the age of ten. By the early 70's I'd take over the bathroom or laundry room to develope and print my own Black and White pictures. All my SLRs have been Canons and I learned that you could get great to sometimes better quality pictures using Generic lenses.

    Fast forward to recently when after using a point and shoot that in 2011 I finally was able to Invest in a good DSLR. My purchase was a Canon Rebel T1i with a Sigma 18-200 Auto Focus lense. You will learn that at times you will need to shut the auto focus because the camera will focus on something other than you want to shoot.

    Presently I'm looking at buying another Canon Rebel T1i and equiping it with a Opteka 650-2600mm manual focus lense for the wildlife pictures I just can't get right with the 200mm zoom. Yes that's a lot of gear to haul but looking at the pictures a friend of mine can get compared to mine it's worth it.

    No I'm not a Pro though years ago before I married I was alwaya carrying my cameras everywhere I went. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It'sabout time.

    1. So please tell me how much that Opteka lens costs? Or will I have heart failure?

      I really MUST have a good zoom lens as well because all my pictures are using one.

      Thanks for your tips. I'm a notice in the DSLR camera and haven't used anything like that for years. I have a lot of learning to do.

  9. Update on the recipe.

    After having writen the above comment and reading more of the reviews about manual focussing lenses Kathy said if she couldn't use it it would not be practical. Also we talked of how most of our pictures today compared to my younger years are taken on a whim and not as composed knowing I had time to do it.

    I will now look back at my original choice of a Sigma 150-500mm AF zoom lense. For myself and Kathy it is the more practical lense at this time in our lives. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I have been going back and forth over this Sigma 150-500 mm lens and trying to justify it.

      I just don't know how much I will use it since it's such a huge thing!

      I'm really thinking about upgrading my little Canon SX30 IS and getting the Canon SX 50. It's the same basic camera as I have but with upgraded and newer technology. It's only $429 and I will get an equilivant zoom of 1200 mm. I just love the light weight and the fact that I don't have to always change lenses.

      Of course, I'll still use my DSLR.


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