Saturday, October 30, 2010

Home Again

We left Suwannee Valley Campground about noon yesterday and arrived home safely.  The weather finally cooled down Friday and we sure hated to leave. 

Al got the motor home backed into it’s home easily with no re-do’s…first shot, right in the space.  It doesn’t usually go in that easily.  I don’t know how he does it.

We unloaded the necessities, and figured the rest can wait.  The house looked so nice when we came home…so clean and neat.  It was a shame nobody came to look at it!  We’re working hard to make it look more “lived in.”

Unfortunately we had a cat ride home under the bedroom slide.  Before we left the campground, we stuffed pillows into the opening by the slide so that no kitty could get in there.  They can only get  in there when the slide is in.  By the time we got set up and ready to go, one kitty was missing.  Yes you guessed it.  Medium!  Dolly Parton stayed out and rode home just fine, just not in the cage like we prefer.  In fact she rode part way on the bedroom dresser.  She was perfectly calm until we got  home and started unloading, then she got a little nervous.  I decided to make no attempt to catch her and bring her the house, so that she could keep Medium company.

So it’s 24 hours since we’ve been home and now I have two of the little “Stinkers” under the bed.   I”m sitting up here reading blogs and killing time to see if they come out.  I know they’ve been out of their hiding spot,  but as soon as they hear someone coming,  they must run back under the bed. 

They’ve been eating and using the kitty pan, so they’re okay.  I’m getting frustrated with them!  We felt sure we had blocked off their entrance well enough, but apparently not.  Plan B, next time.  I guess the next step it to take the food away from them.  When they get hungry, maybe they’ll like me better.

Hey, at least they’re all loaded for our Christmas trip! 


The garage sale went well today. It’s the end of the month and we were hoping people had some money, but it was a little slow.     We had a slow period about 9:30 and almost quit, but then we got a few people and made a few larger sales.  Al finally got rid of his Bose speakers.   We ended up with about $115.  Not a lot, but it’s adding up.  A lot of the Christmas decorations are gone, but not the two trees. 

After we left, we stopped by a place that holds local auctions.  We talked to the auctioneer and he is going to come to the house next week and look at some of our stuff.  He can help us figure out the best way to sell it.  There is an auction tonight at 6pm.  We looked around and there was some nice  stuff.  A lot of antiques.  I think these small towns are good places to find antiques, and apparently they get some out of town buyers.   Maybe he can help us with some of the china and the furniture later on.  Al isn’t sure he wants to sell any silver now with the price of it going up.

Tomorrow we may head out and do some artifact hunting.   On a diving trip into the Suwannee River many years ago Al found a very old molar of a Mastodon. The rivers are so low, we think it would be a great time to find some treasures!  Yeah, we need more stuff!

Al’s Mastodon Tooth










They looked like this

download (9) They became extinct about 11,000 years ago.


  1. Your 2 cats seem to be having a lot of fun with whatever it is they are doing. I wish I could back my 5'er into the driveway in one try!!

  2. The cats seem to have the upper hand at the moment. You have a lot more patience that I think I could display.

  3. Hope you find something interesting, or at least have fun looking! Is the weather nice there now?

  4. Merikay
    Yes, the weather is great. It was a little too warm last week during our trip, but now into the 50's at night and mid 70's during the day. Perfect!

  5. I think the cats enjoyed themselves so much they don't want to leave and that they are ready to keep on going.

    Kevin and Ruth


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