Monday, October 25, 2010

A Few Trials and Tribulations White Springs, Florida

We left home for our camping trip before noon.

We didn't think we would ever get everything loaded into the motor home.  Thank goodness for our golf cart.  The motor home is up a hill about 300 feet from the house, so the golf cart if a life saver.  It will definitely be one of the last things we sell before we move.  It's those last minute things, like the Tivo box, the cameras, computers, phones, and all their chargers, cables and batteries. 

We decided to go to Suwanee Valley Campground  in White Springs, Florida.  It's only about 95 miles from home so it was a short enough drive.  We had never been here before so we didn't make reservations.    This is only the 2nd time we’ve stayed at a campground that we hadn’t seen previously.

It’s a Passport America park so we got our site for $12.50.  Our new PA membership has already paid for itself.

We drove in and immediately could smell the wonderful pine fragrance.  They are right on the Suwanee River so that was a plus as well.  It' s a typical Florida snowbird park, with shuffleboard, horseshoes, and a recreation room with tv, internet, games, fireplace, library.  The roads and sites are mostly sand and all are pull through.  There is  plenty of shade, which is important with the temperatures into the mid 80's.  By the time we got here we were so tired we would have stayed  almost anywhere.  We normally stay at state parks, but decided we wanted the convenience of sewer hook ups. 

There is a lot to do in the area, with the river and many freshwater springs. 

We got partially set up, but were unable to open the bedroom slide because one of the little “stinkers” got under the bedframe,  through a very small opening when the slide is in.   We couldn’t open the slide until he came out.  He was terrified from the trip and decided to hide.  He is one of the two PITA's that we had so much trouble with last trip.

This is “Medium”, stinker number one!


He was a wild kitten we found 9 years ago.  He still thinks we might kill him and hides when we start the preparations for camping.  We had a hell of a time getting him from the house to the motor home.  We worked on him for 3 days!

He finally settled down and came out from under his hiding place, but before we could get the slide out, Stinker number 2 decided she wanted to go under there!  Now we had to wait for her to come out.

We took a walk down to the Suwanee River. We were hoping if the place was quiet she would come out on her own.  Wrong! 

When we were walking down by the water  I stepped on something slippery, and I fell down.  I hurt my wrist a little when I tried to break my fall.  My new camera was on a strap around my neck.  Somehow the camera hit the ground as well, and slid in the wet sand, still attached to my neck.  Al did good though. He saw me fall and the first thing he said was,  “are you okay?”  If he would have said , is the camera okay, I would have understood though!  Well I’m glad to say both my wrist and the camera survived the fall.

The next thing that happened occurred right before dark.  We decided to take a walk around the campground.  There was a trailer that had a cover on it.   As we walked by it we heard the unmistakable cries of a kitten that sounded extremely upset.  Uh oh…not good for Al and Karen.  We talked to another fulltime couple nearby and they said there are some wild kittens that live around.   We determined the kitten was not locked inside the trailer as we first thought and the guys were able to get him back with his mother.

Our day was a little tiring and stressful, but at least we made it here safely with no mechanical problems like Margie and Roger have had.  We’re settled in now, the kitties are relaxed  and we were able to get our Directv set up.  We even got local channels!  Al missed the Buc’s football game yesterday, but they won, so he was okay.

Miss Kitty finally decided to come out from under the bed so we were able to put the slide out.  We crawled into our comfy bed.  The window was open, it was cool and the beautiful full moon was shining right over our heads.  It was a wonderful end to the day.


  1. The good thing about our girls, is that the minute the motorhome starts running they come tearing out to the living room and want in my lap. We don't have to hunt for them or wait for them to come out.

    Glad you're settled and can relax for a few days. Enjoy yourself.

  2. Wow what a day! I hope you aren't to sore this morning.
    Question..Why don't you travel with the Kitties in the bathroom?
    Ya'll have fun!!
    Cindy and Walker

  3. Considering all that happened, I'm glad you and Al got to bed safe and sound last night. Also, glad to hear you weren't hurt in your fall either - and neither was your spiffy new Canon camera!

    I immediately asked myself if I'd rather have broken wrist or a broken camera? It's a tough call for me!

    Hope today goes well and those 'little stinkers' don't get any more bright ideas!

  4. I've been quite surprised by the number of people who have cats that go along. I didn't adopt a new kitty or a new dog when our last ones were lost. (Cat just disappeared after a happy 11 years of mountain living, and the dog got so sick we put her down.)

    I still debate if I could tolerate a cat pan in a motor home. I think we will wait until WE adjust to the life and get a kitten who knows no other.

    Have fun camping.

  5. I'm so glad that you were able to get away for the weekend. You are probably feeling a little sore today from your tumble. I'm just glad you and your camera are ok.

    The story about your cats and the slide was so funny. It's amazing the places they choose to hide. Usually it's a place where you cannot reach them. :)

  6. So sorry to read about your fall, but glad you and the Canon are OK. It's amazing how fast a fall can happen. As soon as I read about the kitten crying I was afraid you two would be adding another cat to the MH. Glad he found his parent. Guess you will need to put something to block that open area of the slide so no more kitties get in there.

    Yep, it only takes one stay to recover the Passport America fee. It's well worth joining.

  7. I just had to chuckle at the cats antics. We had one that looks much like one of yours and she had such personality but if she didn't want to do something or go somewhere it was a trial. Hope the rest of the trip goes better.

  8. Those little stinkers can find the tiniest spots to get into!

    Karen and Steve
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