Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Info

I pulled my post from yesterday after a comment from Cindy.  She confirmed that the address I had posted (thanks to Connie) was a correct address to send a card to Bruce and Margie's daughter.  Cindy thought it would be okay to post the address, but it got me to thinking.    I decided to delete the post.  The address really isn't hard to find, but I didn't think it was my place to post it.

I'm sure Stephanie will post more information as she can.  She updated Margie's blog to let us know she had arrived at Pismo Beach.  They retrieved Annie and were treated very kindly by the community.

We travel with our cats and I always worry about them if something should happen to us.  In fact I worry about them even when we're just out for a day.  You never know when something might happen.

Margie wrote a blog post yesterday asking if we all passed out business cards when we meet new people while traveling.

One of the answers contained a very good suggestion we could all use, whether or not we have animals.  It's a good way for someone to notify our next of kin in case of an emergency.  This last week has shown that things can and do happen and we should be prepared.

Here is the comment

I think that is an excellent idea and I will make something like this up today.  It wouldn't have to be anything fancy...just a handwritten piece of paper would do.  I hope Palms Rv doesn't mind me copying their comment, but I thought it was worthwhile.

I'm still finding it difficult to blog about my trivial life, but here are a few more photos from Sundays day at the beach.  Rick assured me the previous pictures loaded okay. I thought they were too large and was concerned they  would be slow to load.

This first picture is an Egret in the top of the tree.  Can you see it?  I must admit, the camera makes objects look further away than they really are.  

Here is another picture when I zoomed in all the way.

I love the heavy power zoom lens on the camera, but I also found out that the shutter release is much quicker than with my old Olympus camera.  I was lining up this shot when Al said there was a Heron flying through.  I quickly clicked the shutter and got the shot.  I never would have gotten it on the old camera.

The birds and the butterflies seem to love the blooming Goldenrod.

Today will be spent gathering more things for the weekly garage sale. We sold another $120 last Saturday.  Little by little, our stuff is getting whittled away.  We are also checking out selling some things in a local auction next month.  Perhaps we can get rid of some of our china and crystal.  Somethings just aren't good to sell at a garage sale.

Such trivial things to deal with.  My prayers are going out to the family of Margie and Bruce.  They have so much to deal with in the upcoming days/weeks/months.


  1. Karen, you took some really nice pictures. Looks like you are getting to really know your new camera.

    Have a good day!

  2. Stunning photos today! I love your new camera.

    You also offered excellent advice on how to leave emergency information.

    A girl friend of mine, who full times, left a similar copy of her current campground and emergency contact in her purse. Well, she left her purse somewhere by accident. When she came back to her campground her "lost" purse was at the step of her RV. Some kind soul had returned everything to her.

    That was certainly a blessing!

  3. Karen, that new camera sure takes great pics! I shared them with my family this morning and they were in awe. Hubby was hinting that he sure could use a camera like that to take wildlife pics while in the woods hunting.


  4. Do to my health problems..I have ICE on my phone and ICE#2 on my phone.
    In Case of Emergency..my hubbie..and our oldest.

    I have my prescription list and dr.#'s with my daughters and in my billfold..cars..and at home on the fridge.

    We all know each other's blood types..and it is on the information cards. I also have a card for our son's dog..who rides to the farm with us..just in case.

    Call me paranoid..but I have been on the other end..of saying Nope don't know..Nope don't know..and it frustrated the crap out of me.It is just simple information tell someone!!

    I love this idea of the cards with the lot #'s park info..ect..!!

    We have folders of our computer codes and passwords..and my daughters can and will get on mine to give out info.

    But just knowing all this doesn't help us..go do it right now!!!!
    I know that Margie had all this done..We had already discussed it.
    Thank goodness she did.

    Like when you and Al go on the water..do you carry info with you?

    Great info today. Hugs Cindy and Walker

  5. Today I took care of a large can of toxic waste ... Little by little.

  6. Good thoughts on emergency numbers, we also have ICE numbers in our phones.

    We email the kids where we are at each stop. Now that we are traveling with a dog, maybe we need to add some other notification.

  7. Karen..Stephanis said it was fine to post the address..it is her address. Their phone was destroyed and is part of the evidence.
    She is hanging in there.

    Hugs Cindy and Walker


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