Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Planning a trip?

The weather has been beautiful here the last several weeks and we've really wanted to pack up the motor home and head somewhere.  However, with the house up for sale and us trying to purge our stuff,  we decided we'd be best to hang around and get things done, and it's only 2 months until we head south for our first Snowbird adventure to Florida.

But......did I mention the weather is so beautiful?

The events of this past week-end with Margie and Bruce, have made me realize how short life is.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  Maybe we should take a short trip and take time to smell the roses

We are thinking about heading out Sunday.  The problem is the snowbirds are heading south so a lot of the campgrounds are filling up.

We found a good little Passport America park,  Kellys Rv Park that we may try.  It's only $15 a night with the PA discount.  It's not exactly the kind of park we normally prefer, but it doesn't seem too bad.

We normally prefer the state park atmosphere, but we have gotten spoiled lately with the sewer hook-ups.  If we don't go there we will probably end up at Stephen Foster Folk Cultural Center State Park.  It's just $20 a night, but no sewer hook-ups, wifi, or cable tv.   We haven't decided whether or not we'll go.  Al and I are not big planners.  We like to just go if the mood strikes us.   We just need a couple of back up plans in case one campground is full.  This time of year in Florida, you never know.


  1. Be happy you have the freedom to just pick up and go. The purging or buyers will be there when you get back.

    Anytime is better than no time.

  2. I agree with Merikay, the purging and the house will be there when you get back. Plus, you previously said you both work best under pressure so if the house sells you'll just work harder and still get everything done.

    Besides that, your new camera wants to take a trip.

  3. I agree with the other comments, let the work wait and enjoy the road trip.

  4. Yes, go, like you said: "Life is short, tomorrow is not guaranteed'.

    Take lots of pictures!


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