Saturday, October 09, 2010

Another House Showing & a Garage Sale

We cut our weekly garage sale short today so that we could be home for the house showing between 11 and noon.  We still made about $135 on the garage sale and got rid of more stuff.  It's starting to make a difference.  We have gotten rid of lots of stuff.

We choose to be here when people look at the house to answer their questions on where the lot boundaries are.  It's quite a large piece of land and the Realtors just don't get it.  We also want to make sure they don't let the kitties out accidentally..  We  meet them, then go outside and let them know we are available to answer questions or show them around the property.  It seems to work out well for both the prospects and the Realtors.

So we've had a pretty busy day already.  I can see a nap in my future :)

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  1. Perhaps people in the area are coming to understand that you are having a weekly garage sale and the property is on the market. Maybe just that will bring you a buyer one day!

    We moved out of our first home before it was sold. It was very small and not a big commission for any realtor so there was very little traffic. Then one day Craig was at the house doing a little more work when a lady knocked on the door.

    He showed her the house, and gave her our realtors information. She eventually bought it.

    I'm not suggesting that you show the house on your own, but you never know if someone who is quietly looking at the area might just stop at your garage sale. Anything is possible.

    It only takes one! The right one.


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