Wednesday, October 13, 2010


With all the changes this country has made this year with the passing of the Health Care bill, I have been very worried that my wonderful health care benefits would change, be eliminated, or go up in price.

There have been many reports on the news, that many people are finding their  premiums have increased dramatically, and that some companies are re-thinking or eliminating their retiree health benefits.  I have been extremely worried and anxiously waiting news to see what changes we would have this next year.

I retired from USAA Insurance and have great health care benefits.  I knew if any company would take care of their employees and retirees, it would be USAA....but I was still  very worried.

We have our annual enrollment every October and I have been anxious to see what the changes would be.

Today, I finally got some info and have found out:

 1.  We still have coverage.
 2.  The price is the same!

  Phew....sigh of relief!

Here in the US,  health insurance is a biggie and I very much appreciate having it, and for a very reasonable cost.  If we lost our health insurance benefits, I'm not sure what we would do about our full timing dream.  It would definitely be a consideration.

So if any of you are looking for any kind of car or home insurance, give USAA a try.  They insure the military, but have recently changed their membership criteria.    Just a little plug for them....gotta keep them strong  and profitable :)

So how about the Chilean miners rescue?  Amazing, isn't it?

Droid tethering still functional.  I'm beginning to think I have the problem solved :)

Today is day #3 of Al being out of town.  I always have big intentions of getting a lot done, but usually it doesn't work out too well, but today's the day!


  1. Glad to hear your tethering is still working and hopefully fixed for good. Congratulations too on the renewal of your Health Insurance at the same rates.

    I've never been a big fan of insurance companies, in fact I don't trust them at all. Luckily, I don't have to deal with them for 2 biggies - health care and auto/rv insurance!

  2. My health insurance costs are part of what keeps Craig working. We are both considered self-employeed and get no benefits from any company. He gets Medicare now and we have a reasonable Supplement plan.
    Don't know really how good it will be because we have never needed it.

    But mine is an HMO and I have to pay $950 per month for the premium!

    You are lucky, but then you have worked for it.

  3. So glad that you health benefits are good for another year. We continually worry about that too. Sure would have a major impact on our ability to be full-timers.

  4. Rick,
    I know you have free health care, but auto/rv insurance?

  5. Hope it all works out for you. Every October we get to pick a new company from a slew of them... to start with Jan 1. Last year we were kinda forced to take one we didn't like. This time we have chosen one that will let us utilize our favorite (and highest rated) hospital in the Green Bay area. YAY!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  6. I do agree -- USAA rocks! I worked in the real estate acquisitions department for many years in San Antonio and even after I left I continued my benefits. USAA's customr service and products can't be beat and the cost of premiums are lower in most scenarios.


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