Thursday, May 31, 2012

Witness Protection Program?

Lutz, Florida (high 89, low 73)

I was doing a little research on Kissimmee Prairie State Park.  We hope to go there this week-end and stay…. until we feel like leaving.  There are no sewer hook-ups, so that will help to determine our length of stay.

Anyway, I came across some people online, who had visited all 160 Florida State parks, including Kissimmee Prairie.  They said the park is so remote they didn’t understand why they would even put a park there and the only people that would camp there are people in the witness protection program!   I thought that was kind of funny.   I guess they weren’t real fond of this particular park.

Then I started to wonder if we could have phone service, so I called the ranger to see if we could get a Verizon signal there.   Being in a remote area is fine….but not so remote we won’t get a phone signal.  She said they previously had work campers there that had Verizon and it worked for them.  We’ll see.  

Of course, we may have to go to plan B, because there is another tropical system forming south of Florida.  It’s supposed to bring rain to the south of us tomorrow.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens after that.   We can go north, south, east or west.   No sense going where there is going to be bad weather….if we can help it.   For now, we want to head over to the Atlantic Beaches after the Prairie.  Mom is aware we’re leaving and is okay with it!  We plan to leave either Saturday or Sunday.  Yea!

The following picture shows our Florida Sand Crane family during the rain the other day.  The poor guys were soaked!

Florida Sand cranes at Winter Quarters rv park

and Baxter sitting in the window watching the birds and the rain.


Thanks for the concern about my cat bite.  My hand was sore yesterday, and a little swollen, but not red.  I kept a close watch on it and even put some antibiotic ointment on it last night and wrapped it in gauze.   You can barely see the teeth marks now and  Baxter has forgiven me for hurting him.  Smile


  1. I'm looking forward to your review of Kissimmee Prairie State Park. I may just have to disappear for a while sometime.

  2. It feels so good to be on the road again. I'm excited you get to move someplace new. Kissimmee Prairie sounds like a great place (if you have a signal). Glad the hand is better. Baxter must have really been scared and hurting to take a chunk out of you.

  3. Glad your hand is ok, funny how animals start a new day as fresh, all things forgiven. We humans can learn a thing or three maybe. :)

    Have fun at Kissimmee!


  4. Glad to see Baxter has forgiven you for putting your hand in his mouth while he was chewing!

    Hope your hand heals up nicely.

  5. On the road again, yippee! We are patiently waiting to be let loose too! Almost a month here is a very long time for us.

  6. Sounds like my kind of place. I assume they have a dump even if no on site sewer. I'll be curious to hear what you think of it in this heat. Hope the storms don't alter your plans.

  7. Give Baxter a hug and some extra snacks and he will still love you .

    Lookin forward to your review of KPSP !

    Be Safe !

  8. The obvious question is: who are you going to be hiding from? :)

  9. Witness protection program?? Should be good for privacy!

  10. Hope your hand heals up nicely!! Baxter sure was sweet to forgive you like he did. He sure looks like he is enjoying life in that pic!

    Witness protection huh? LOL

  11. Wow, sounds painful. I can't wait to see your review of Kissimmee Prairie, we went to Lake Kissimmee and it was nice but more for fishing. We also have been to Fish Eatting Creek which is OK - but out in nowhere - but you could Kayak - dark deep water ... long as a few (or more) large gators don't bother you.. I have thought about Kissimmee Prairie, not far from where we live ( 45 min. or so) but not sure what there is to do, doubt their is biking - not sure about kayaking - so I can't wait to see. Hope you have a great time.. and Baxter too if he is over the trauma..

  12. Baxter looks so sweet sitting there in the window. Beautiful kitty. Hope you have good weather wherever you end up going.

  13. Now that you've found out where they stash the witness protection folks, look closely and see if one of them is Jimmy Hoffa... ;c)

  14. That's pretty scarey to have your pet bite you.

    I once had two wonderful, friendly dogs, a little white dog and a medium sized black dog. They were playing, and the black dog's tooth got caught in the white dog's collar. They were hooked together and both went nuts.

    They were twisting and crying, and the collar was getting tighter and tighter, I couldn't get a knife or scissors under it to cut it off. Her eyes turned red and it looked like she was smothering. Finally we cut the collar with a sharp knife, better to try it and cut her, than let her die. She was so freaked, she bit me numerous times on the arm. It was awful, but we all ended up okay. I know how you felt, but it isn't their fault in that kind of situation. :( I still get teary just thinking about it.

  15. If we don't hear from you, guess we'll know Verizon isn't working. When my father-in-law's cat bit me, my hand swelled up and was painful. Ended up on antibiotics. Glad you are doing OK.


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