Sunday, May 27, 2012

Horse Kisses

Lutz, Florida   ( hot and muggy)

We stayed home yesterday and tended to a few projects.  I finally got the outside windows cleaned.  They were getting pretty nasty and hadn’t been cleaned since before we went to the Keys the last time.

I decided to try The Solution  for the windows.  It’s supposed to also be good for windows as well as the motorhome paint.  I decided to give it a try, and I have to say, I was pleased.  I just sprayed the windows with the Solution,  and then wiped if off with a micro-fiber towel.  It did a great job and was very easy.  No streaks, no rubbing.   (of course when the sun shines just right into the windows today, I might not think so)

The Solution is a great waterless rv and car wash.  It’s clear coat safe.  We also use it for the cars.  Its very easy to clean and shine the motorhome and really takes very little time…..even on a large rv.  I can do the lower half (the parts I can reach without a ladder) in no time at all.  It takes Al longer for the upper parts because he has to get up and down the ladder.  I’m not a ladder person.


Al worked on his little pvc shelf that he made for the storage area.  He decided he didn’t like the size he made it originally,  and cut it down a little.   I think he wanted some room on the side of it.  It works great for increasing valuable storage space.


We are hoping to be able to leave here a week from today, so we’re trying to get all the little projects done that we’ve procrastinated  on so nicely the past month!    Flush water heater, finish the Eternabond on the roof, sanitize the fresh water tank, check the batteries, fluids, etc.  

The park we’re planning (at least at the moment) is very remote and the nearest town is 30 miles away.  It’s in the middle of a 56,000 acre prairie.   So…..need to make sure we have plenty of beer, tomato juice, toilet paper, kitty litter, cat food, tonic, vodka, tonic and limes!   You know….the necessities.   We’re not good at planning meals ahead of time, but I guess we’re going to have to plan a few for this trip.

Today, we’re going to a party.  They are having a big horseshoe tournament and a cook out.  They have some acreage and they board horses.   I love horses, so I expect I will be able to get some nice horse kisses while I’m there.    The place belongs to the son of our friend that owns the nudie campsite.   No, they are not nudists.  Hopefully, I’ll have some pictures tomorrow. 

In the meantime, what’s cuter than a Baxter in a bowl?


He was in trouble for this one….and he knew it!

bad Baxter in crock pot

He’s outgrowing this bowl, don’t you think?

Baxter in Bowl


  1. Even though I'm more a dog person, I would take Baxter in a minute. He is beyond adorable.Thanks for the reminder to flush the water heater. That wasn't on my list and should be.

    1. How soon can you pick him up? Or, maybe we'll deliver!

  2. Bet those eyes get you every time! Baxter sure has a thing for bowls! Have fun at the party!

  3. I use the solution inside on all my counters and windows. Works great.

    I think Baxter has a fettish for bowls.

  4. Love your "necessities" list for your upcoming move. The only concern I have is that unless you and Al enjoy sharing cat food with Baxter, you'll be in a liquid diet! :-) Have fun!

  5. Baxter is funny !!!..the crockpot one is priceless!!

  6. That Baxter is such a cutie! You should send some of his photos into contest sites - he'd win for sure! :)

  7. Baxter in a Bowl.... sounds like some sort of appetizer or something.... :)

    Great pictures. So glad you shared them. And I agree, you really should think of finding some sort of contest you can enter them in....

  8. Baxter is so funny! He sure has outgrown his blue bowl. So where's the prairie?

  9. Baxter is so funny! He sure has outgrown his blue bowl. So where's the prairie?

  10. Great Baxter pictures. He's a riot! Baxter in a bowl does sound like an appetizer.

    Let me know if you like the solution on the windows the next day. I'd sure like to find something easy that doesn't streak.

  11. I'm wondering if you could be charged with 'cat abuse' for cooking Baxter in a crock pot.

  12. OMG. I'm sick from the cute. Sorry to hear he got himself into a lather and sudsed you up, too.


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