Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Passing the Time

Lutz, Florida  (high 88, low 71)

The humidity is high.  The temperatures are in the upper 80’s.   It’s too hot to get motivated to doing anything outdoors that doesn’t involve water.   

We are both a bit down in the dumps.  This is not where we want to be right now but we have to keep reminding ourselves that there are certainly worse places to be than Florida.

We are hoping to go on “vacation” for 2 weeks the first part of June.  (sounds like Sherry and David, huh?) We need to be nearby to help with Mom and to take her to doctor appointments.  My brother is now working again, so it puts more of the pressure on me.

If we get to go, we’ll stay in Florida.  No sense going too far for a two week trip.  We will probably head to the east coast of Florida, either north towards Flagler Beach, or south towards Vero Beach.  Either way, it would be nice to get out of Tampa.  It’s nice to be able to make some plans.

We’re trying to get some things done while we’re here, including my annual doctor appointments.  I still need to have the laser procedure on my left eye, but after what I went through on the right eye, I’m not too anxious!

We (Al) still has to finish putting the Eternabond on the roof of the motorhome.  Rainy season is coming and I don’t want to have to worry about any leaks.   Once he gets it all done, we won’t have to be worrying about re-sealing every 6 months.

Speaking of leaks…..I had been noticing a faint mildew odor in the motor home.  We hadn’t had any rain, so I didn’t think it was a leak.   I checked out some rv forums, and someone suggested cleaning the coils on the roof  a/c unit.  Al did that, and the odor appears to be gone. 

I highly recommend using these forums for any problems you have with your rv’s.  You usually get a lot of info, and it’s up to you to sort out the good info from the bad info.

 Rv Net Forum is the one I use most often, but occasionally, I go to IRV2 Forum.  Just remember, not all the information is correct, and it is up to you to root out the best information.    I’ve learned so much about the rv’s and the lifestyle from these forums.  I learned so many things that I would have never thought to ask.  I used to read all the new posts every day.  Now, I only go there occasionally…and I still learn a lot.

We  both gained some weight in the Keys.  I don’t know how, because we were pretty active.   It might have had something to do with our nightly happy hours or all the food we gobbled down.  Smile

So….I decided to do the Atkins diet (no carbs) for a few days to get me started.  It works well for me because I think I am a carb addict and it seems to help break that cycle.  You also can drop a few pounds quickly, and without starving.   I have good intentions on dieting….until I get hungry.

I’ve been living on hamburger patties and Wendy's salads for the past few days.  I’m not sick of either….yet.  Al is eating less just because I’m eating less, but he’s definitely not following a no carb diet.   That would exclude beer!

So, that’s our life for the time being.  Not too exciting.


  1. I know how you feel about wanting a change. The last two spots for us have been in very rural, economically depressed areas with very little to do and we feel a little trapped. But we're trying to save money for the big push to Texas, over a thousand miles, and Freightliner school, so it's time to sit tight and save money. Good luck on the Atkins! I sure love my carbs! good reminder about the forum...don't know how to clean the coils on the fridge.

    1. Our (now retired) Mobile Rv guy told Al to get some coil cleaner from Home Depot and just spray it on and forget it.

      We were a little apprehensive about that so Al sprayed a little on the coils then wiped it off with paper towels.

  2. hope the humidity improves and you can get back outstide to enjoy the sunshine!!..nice header picture!!!

  3. I know all about that sitting in one place forever and ever. I so want Jim to get better so we can get on the road again. And I've just about given up blogging because we don't do anything except heal. Which is the most important but certainly not blog worthy. I have good luck with Atkins but I can't hang in there very long because I am a carb-oholic. Especially English Muffins for breakfast.

  4. Hope you get to have a little vacation. :)

  5. I HATE humidity! Does a huge injustice to my hair...hehe.
    Please be careful of the Atkins diet. It is hard on the kidneys. I have only one kidney and asked the doctor if I could use this diet to drop a few pounds. Answer: Absolutely no! Just be careful please.

    1. will do....can't stay on it very long, but it helps to curb my appetite.

  6. My folks are tired of the heat and humidity of Florida already and are buggering out in their RV to head up to Wisconsin and Michigan. One week from today! Wheeee

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  7. What better place to be than Florida, it could be worse. A 2-week trip should help though just to have a change of scenery. I'm debating over going to Vero Beach soon...or maybe I should save the days for the Keys after next season. I gained aabout 8 pounds while in the Keys - must be the sea breeze, couldn't be the food or wine. I started avoiding carbs (my weakness) and have lost 8.9 lbs. My goal is to learn to eat less carbs forever. So far, so good. I know I could lose a lot if I did Atkins, but changing my eating lifestyle seems like a longer lasting solution.

  8. It's very humid in Kansas too! So wilting...

    I hope you get that vacation to the water soon! I used to look at those forums but they can become kind of overwhelming.

  9. We are heading to the keys this weekend, will be thinking of you, made notes from your blog on where to go and what to do. Unfortunately since we are not retired we only have a week - barely time to get started.

  10. Yes, you can learn a lot from the RV Forums but you can also learn a lot from reading informative blogs like yours. Thank you for writing.

  11. Thanks for the RV forums reminders and links. I had heard anything about cleaning any coils so I guess I'd better look into that.

    I sure do know what you mean about wanting to get out of dodge or Tampa as it is for both of us. 2 weeks sounds like heaven. I can guarantee one is not enough.

    I've lost 12 pounds since changing my diet to Vegan which is heaven if you are a carb lover. All the bread, pasta, pizza you want. Just no dairy and no meat. I eat more now than I ever did before trying to keep my weight down. This is so easy to do and delicious. There has been some pretty scary stuff written about Adkins.

  12. Even though ya'll will be staying in FL for your vacation it will give you break from your current routine. I am sure it will give you a little "recharge". Many of us have had similar duties and know how important those little breaks are.

  13. Vacation? You're fulltimers - aren't you always on vacation? Diet? I hate that word!

  14. Being fulltimers too,we are on Vacation when moving about the USA and on Holidays when moving about Canada. Usually two weeks is about as long as we can sit still. Just keep moving and all will be good.

  15. Hope you are able to go away on a "vacation". We too, don't like staying in one spot for too long.

    As for diet, they never work. You may lose the weight you want but then people end up going back to eating the same as they did before and eventually the weight comes back. It's better to just change the way you eat, more healthy food, lots of veggies and fruit and eat foods that are cooked healthy, otherwise the rule is everything in moderation.

    Kevin and Ruth


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