Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dumb Move

Lutz, Florida

We were sitting inside last night watching the first episode of the tv series, 24.   Being nosy rv’ers, like we are, we happened to notice a motorhome  trying to back into a campsite.  There were no cars in the road and there were 4-5 empty sites.  It should have been an easy site to settle into.

As we were watching him back up, it seemed that he was going about it all wrong and was going to have difficulty.  We continued to watch, wondering if he had some secret way to flawlessly back into a campsite.  If so, we were watching and learning.

We thought it was odd that his wife stayed inside and didn’t get out to help guide him.  Wow, he must really be good, so we definitely needed to watch and learn.

Soon, it started to become apparent, that maybe he wasn’t an expert after all.   He backed up to the site all wrong, and ended up very cockeyed in the site.   I wondered how he would even be able to get out without taking something with him.  About this time, his wife finally came outside, but before we knew it, they had pulled out of the site and were gone.

Now…Al and I being the nosy ones we are, decided to take a walk and see if they needed help.

We found them tucked nicely into another campsite.  Okay, maybe that one was easier to back into.  They appeared to be just fine.  I don’t know how they could so easily have gotten into this site when the first one was such a disaster.

A while later,  we noticed staff from the campground walking around the first campsite.  Lots of people, lots of golf carts. We figured they had either hit the water or sewer and a check of our water faucet,  revealed the water had been turned off.  Yep, the guy had hit something and that’s why he took off so fast!

It took 5-6 guys over 3 hours to get it fixed and the water restored.  I wonder if they are going to charge him for his carelessness.   I understand accidents happen, but to not have a spotter out when one was available, is just plain dumb.

So….this just reaffirmed to us to always keep some water in the fresh water tank.  You just never know when something like this is going to happen.  We didn’t know how long it was going to take before we would have water again.


We’re planning on leaving the Tampa area a week from tomorrow.  I even broke the news to Mom!  I have been getting a bad case of hitch itch. We’re planning on a being gone a couple weeks, barring any issues with Mom.  

We had thought about going  to Wekiva River State Park, until we realized they only have 30 amp sites.  That just won’t do right now, because it’s hot enough that we need both air’s available.       We wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before and we plan to stay in Florida since we won’t have too much time.   Now, I know some of you could travel clear across country and back in two weeks (Paul and Marti)Smile……but not us!

For us, we need something fairly close.   Al remembered a newer state park called Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park.  They have equestrian sites that have 50 amp hook-ups, but the regular campsites only have 30 amps.   I don’t understand that one.  It is south of us, and towards the east coast of Florida.  It’s far enough inland that it’s going to be really hot.    It’s not the best time of the year to go there, but it’s in the middle of a huge wilderness area and we really need to see some nature and wildlife.   It might just be a good place to spend a few days.  We will then head over towards the beach.   Of course our plans are written in jello and we won’t know until we get there! 

Since I didn’t take any pictures of the parking fiasco, I’ll have to post a picture from the past….and what’s cuter than a baby kitten?  



  1. Interesting that one can just pick a site any site. If you can't back into one without damage just choose another one. Wonder if he reported his error to the park or just let someone discover it. Good thought to always keep some fresh water in your tank. I've often wondered about leaving water in a fresh water tank if you don't use it often. No light gets too it but I"d think it would get funky.

  2. People are definitely "interesting" creatures to watch. He should be charged for the damage and could grief, what was the wife thinking? Jim is an expert at backing into a site but I'm still out there keeping an eye on things for him.

    You are sure right about Paul and Marti gettin' on down the road. Glad you're going to not follow in their tire tracks.

  3. Think about the Bend area of Florida. Thats where we are now and it is way way less expensive than other areas of FL we have visited.

  4. Think about the Bend area of Florida. Thats where we are now and it is way way less expensive than other areas of FL we have visited.

  5. Paul cannot believe how many women just sit in the RV and do nothing to help the driver. I know some women may be afraid or whatever but some don't even get out to help disconnect if they are driving a MH. Absolutely drives us nuts.

    Glad you have plans to travel a bit. Wildness...maybe you can get away from this crazy world for a while.

  6. I took a little comfort in the title of your post! I try extremely hard not to make a dumb decision when safety is part of the equation, like backing into a site with no spotter!

  7. Backing up is definitely easier with 2.

  8. Two weeks to drive cross country and back? We'd enjoy having that much time. 8-10 days is more like it. Than's why most of our travel pictures have the windshield in them. :cO

    Don't worry, we really (really) are going to slow down. After mid June, all our kids will be on the east coast so it'll only be north and south trips. We're actually planning on Jan & Feb in Key West at the Navy base.

    Marti always watches me back in, and I listen to her and her only, no matter how many others try to "help". Don't want a repeat of the "Long Long Trailer" episode to happen to us! ;c)

  9. After Craig has run into several things when ignoring my guidance, we are coming to the conclusion that I should be in the driver's seat and he can tell em what to do or not do. I LISTEN!

  10. I often provide entertainment for other campers as I back into sites. Since I have no spotter, I am usually in and out of the rig several times during the process. Slow and steady wins the race for me. :)

  11. I'm surprised they stayed in the campground after damaging the water line. Russ is good at backing in but I am always out there making sure there are no unexpected ooops!

  12. nothing cuter than 'baby Baster'!..
    being the spotter is an important job!..geesh!..some people shouldn't be allowed to park/drive their rigs!

  13. Enjoy your trip. We always keep a third of a tank of fresh water-just in case:)

  14. Oops. Should have read this post before I asked where the prairie was.

  15. We watched a guy flawlessly back a huge 5th wheel into a narrow site at the only RV park in Lee Vining, California... while his wife sat like a bump on a log inside the truck cab. We wondered why in the world she didn't offer to help as a spotter. A short while later we saw him guide her to the showers: She was blind.

    They loved to be Out and About... and he'd learned how to back that thing in by himself!


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