Thursday, May 17, 2012

Trip to Beach, and Rain

Lutz, Florida (high 88, low 66)

I rode along with Al to Indian Rocks Beach yesterday.  We thought he could spray the account and then we could find something interesting to do.

When we pulled up to the beach house, it was raining so hard we couldn’t even get out of the truck.   It usually doesn’t rain too long in Florida, so we just decided to wait it out.  Sure enough in about 15 minutes the storm had passed by.

Indian rocks beach, Andrews house

How about this amazing view the owners have from their beach house?

Indian rocks beach, Andrews house

More rain was coming, and   Al had another account he needed to do, so we headed back inland, and didn’t get to enjoy the beach.

On the way home we spotted this lone Roseatte Spoonbill.    This guy was a good distance away so I had to zoom way in.   I was surprised to see the gator right in front of him when I downloaded the photo.

gator and spoonbill

It looks like the Spoonbill may have been a bit surprised about the gator as well.


As we headed back home, we got caught in another heavy rainstorm.  I think we just kept driving right into the moving storm.

It ended up raining off and on most of the day and night.   We sure need the rain, so it was a good thing. 

Last night Al noticed  a text from the customer with the beach house.  It says…”we found ants up in the attic on the cottage and please check them out.”  Al rarely gets texts and didn’t even know he got it until last night.  It was sent yesterday morning.   So poor Al is heading all the way back there today…..he was NOT a happy camper when he got the message, but it was our fault for not noticing the text.  Neither of us text and we prefer not getting any texts.  

I think I will call Verizon and see if I can have texts blocked from our phones.   I have the Droid smartphone, so if I need to contact someone I usually send emails.  Al has a regular “dumb” phone, but is usually with me and my Droid. 

So, since I’m “home alone”, it might be a good day to do some house cleaning….or call my friend in Arkansas.  Smile


  1. The spoonbill did seem surprised to see the gator. I think you can block texts - at least I could on my Verizon mi-fi. I guess you know emails are "old school" and texts are "new school". I prefer emails - guess that means I'm old. I pay for texts over a certain limit, but unlimited emails are in my plan. With a smart phone I think it's easier to just send an email.

  2. If we didn't text we would never hear from our son. They just don't call people like we used to. And I have found that in some cases, it is easier to just text someone than to have to wait to get their voice mail. That spoonbill definitely did look surprised. I would have looked scared to death.

  3. I agree without text we would rarely hear from our kids. Started texting because of them but now use it a lot. Unlimited texting has been part of our plan for quite a while now. It is surprising to see that spoonbill so close to the gator.

  4. We got a cheaper plan if we chose no texts but then I had to have Verizon block them from my phone. I'm unhappy about the continuing shortness of communications. I really like nice long newsy letters that come by snail mail but nobody and I do mean nobody does that any more. So I'm settling for emails although most people make those pretty short too. Seems to me that Facebook and texts are just ways for us to keep ourselves from getting too intimate. Maybe I should do a blog on this rather than making it your longest comment ever. Sorry! And sorry for Al that he had to drive back and sorry for you that you didn't get to enjoy that beach. Guess I should try to go over to Indian Rocks. Looks very nice.


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